Saturday, 1 April 2017

Watch Popular TV Stations, Nollywood Movies and News with Smarta Naira App

I really love when something creative is coming out of Naija… this is not only creative but also beneficial to everyone. We are gradually going past the era where you need to seat in front of your TV to watch a particular TV channel, now with the aid of your smart device, right inside your car, you can tune in to Silverbird or any other channels. This is technology at its peak.
Smarta Naija is a simple and easy to use Android application that allows you to watch popular Nigerian TV stations, Nollywood movies, News, Entertainment and sport updates right from your smartphone.

It also has more than 40 FM stations you can tune to at any time.

The Smarta Naija App Requires Every eligible smartphones running Android OS.

Where Can I Download it?

You can download it HERE ON PLAYSTORE

I must confess, its a promising application. Try it out and let’s hear your feedback on this

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