Sunday, 18 June 2017

Why You Should Slow Down on Soda In-Take

Many Nigerians can’t do one meal without driving it down with a can of their favorite soda . Sometimes , it is what gives them he determination to eat at all. However , experts have no qualms about people taking one soda once in a while , but a significant daily intake is the bone of contention .


» Your teeth : Taking too much soda will on the long run have a negative effect on your dental health aspect because the sugar content and acidity of soda can destroy your teeth . This is so because , Soda contains phosphoric acid and is well known to interfere with the body’s ability to absorb calcium .

» Belly fat : The high sugar content of soda has been conclusively linked to an increase in abdominal fat -which is dangerous, as this is where many vital organs are.

» Exhaustion and fatigue : Soda most often contain 48 spoonfuls of sugar. The body usually contains only two teaspoons of sugar, which makes a ten teaspoons shot of sugar( which is more than what we get from consuming a can of soda) a shock to the system and the body has to push that sugar out of the blood as soon as possible . That’s where the energy surge and hyperactivity comes into play .

» Diabetes : Over time, this push and pull on the pancreas to produce more insulin and the cells to accept more sugar results in depleted insulin and insulin resistance of the cells — diabetes .

» Dehydrate your body: Any time you ’re drink soda , you obviously drink less water. “Sodas do nothing but fill your body with empty calories and sugar, therefore , if you are drinking sodas, you are depriving your body of good clean water and increasing the demand on the pancreas, as it produces the insulin - producing cells with a greater challenge .

» Osteoporosis : Soda can steal those important nutrients from your bones , leading to osteoporosis . Beyond the sugars , sodas also contain phosphoric acid, which is known to promote osteoporosis or bone loss by leaching calcium from bones, as well as benzoate or benzoic acid.

» Cancer: According to experts , when left in hot temperatures , that benzoic acid can transform into a scarier chemical : benzene . Ever notice your soda tasting chemically ‘off ’ when it’s been stored improperly? That’ s benzene you ’re tasting , a known carcinogen or cancer causing agent . ”

» Age faster : Not only does soda make you fat , but it can affect your beauty in a totally different way: accelerated aging, “due to the high levels of phosphoric acid in sodas . ”

There is nothing more unnatural or detrimental to good health than soda, many experts have warned !!!

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