How to Send Flash Share To Another Phone

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Welcome. In this article I will be teaching you how to send flash share to another phone using Bluetooth. I decided to publish this article because some of my friends came to me and asked me to send flash share to them, that many people have tried to send it and it didn't work. but at the end I was able to send it. Ask me how? I don't know Jesus Christ of Nazareth just gave me the knowledge. So help me and thank Him.

How To Send Flash Share to another phone

There are three ways which you can send flash share to another phone using Bluetooth. They are as follows:

✔ In app Bluetooth share Method
✔ Renaming Method
✔ By Copying Method

So I'm going to take 'em one after the other. So pay attention and read gently to avoid "it didn't work for me"

DISCLAIMER: I will not be responsible for any harm that may occur as a result of uncheking the below option. So do it at your own risk.

Before I go straight to the point. I recommend you should go to your Phone Settings» Security Settings and Uncheck or Unmark the Very Apps "disallow or warn before installation of unknown or apps that may cause harm" Option as on the image bellow.

Send flash share to another phone

1. The In App Share Method: This method is the simplest and easiest way to to send flash share to another phone using Bluetooth. Just follow the below instructions.

✔ Open your application drawer locate and launch flash share or Xender

✔ Click on the Menu icon

✔ Click on the Share This App option

✔ Click on Android Bluetooth option tab

✔ Click on Scan and Send

✔ On the next screen your phone will seek for permission to On Bluetooth, Then Accept and Scan for the other phones Bluetooth, Accept Incoming File Permission on the other phone and you're done

That's It.

2. The Renaming Method: This method is not all that easy but you have to follow my instructions correctly. It involves renaming the flash share APK file to any other file format eg. .mp3 and then send it to the other phone.

✔ Open your app drawer, locate and launch File Manager

✔ When it opens, locate the flash share apk file

✔ It should be like this flash share.apk or cn.andouya.apk

✔ Delete the .apk and replace with .jpg or any other file format. For example .mp3 .txt .3gp

✔ After successful renaming, Send it to the other phone using Bluetooth.

✔ After a successful transfer. Use the other phone and locate the flash share.jpg and rename it back to flash share.apk then Install

That's It. You now have flash share on the other phone.

3. The Copying Method: This method should have been the easiest but it involves the removal if memory cards which some people might not like to do. In this method all you have to do is.

✔ Remove and insert the memory card that has flash share.apk on the other phone

✔ Open your app drawer, locate and launch file manager

✔ Locate the flash share apk file and then Install or copy to Phone memory

That's it

Hope this helps. Drop your comments below it will make me happy

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