How to Enable YouTube Dark Mode on PC

Okechukwu Solomon April 26, 2017 EDITEdit
Are you tired of using YouTube Light mode? You can now use YouTube Dark Mode on PC. If you thought dark mode were just for apps, think again. YouTube's website now offers a dark mode for users tired of the streaming video site filling their faces with bright white light.

YouTube Dark Mode Theme is not a fully-formed, public-facing feature, but instead one that you need to manually enable in Chrome Browser. So, since we're going under the hood here, note that there is a slight chance that this tweak might be broken in future, so use it while it lasts.


1. Launch Chrome Browser and Navigate to HELP to check if you're running version 57 of Google Chrome or later. Hit update if you're not.

2. Now go to

3. Click Ctrl + Shift + I (on Windows) or Option + Command + I (on Mac) to open the Developer Window.

4. Select the Console tab.

5. Paste in the following text:

document.cookie="VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE=fPQ4jCL6EiE; path=/"

6. Click Enter and the Console view will show you a new line of text that contains the quoted section of what you entered.

7. Close the developer window.

8. Refresh YouTube homepage on your browser. YouTube should now load a new, script interface.

9. Click your Profile icon in the top right corner.

10. Select Theme.

11. Select Dark Mode.

Congratulations You've Enabled YouTube Dark Mode! Happy Streaming!

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