How to Change System Font Size on Windows 10

Okechukwu Solomon May 28, 2017
In Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and the earlier builds of Windows 10, there was an option to change the size of the screen text and other items on your screen. This option was a great way to make it easy for you to read the text on your screen especially on when you are using a high resolution setting for the screens.

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But with the latest update of Windows 10, this option has been removed by Microsoft for some reason of their own. If you want to change the system font size in the new builds of Windows 10, then you can use the free tool System Font Size Changer.

How to Change System Font Size on Windows 10

System Font Size Changer is a useful tool that allows to change the system font size and style in Windows 10. It allows changing the font size for all the different parts of the user interface in Windows

System Font Size Changer is a portable application and works in Windows 7, Windows 8.x and Windows 10. When you launch this tool for the very first time, it asks you to save the default settings to somewhere on your disk. You should go ahead and save the settings. This is useful when you want to restore the default settings in case you mess up these settings.

You can download System Font Size Changer HERE.

The tool has a very straightforward interface. First you have to choose an item for which you wish to adjust the font size and style – title bar, menu, message box, palette title, icon or tooltip. After this, you can use the slider control to choose the font size. You can also select the Bold checkbox to make the font bold. Clicking on the Apply button will make the changes in Windows. In order to actually see the changes, you will have to reboot Windows (or log off and then log on).

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If you like the new font size & style settings and want to have the same settings in another Windows computers, then this tool also offers an option to export the settings to a REG file. You can copy this file in the target Windows PC and double-click on it to make the changes. You will have reboot to actually see these changes.

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