How to Get 5000 Facebook Friends In One Week

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Hello and welcome to my Facebook tutorial of how to get 5000 Facebook friends In One Week. Have you wondered why Most people will post on Facebook and within an Hour they will be having Upto 5k to 6k likes and upto 500 comments with 50 shares. It feels sad when you post on Facebook and all you could be able to have is 5 to 10 likes.

So Today am going to show you how to get 5000 Facebook friends In One Week. Facebook only allows friends Limit of 5000. For you to be Getting a lot of like, comments and share on Facebook, you have to add ACTIVE FRIEND & FOLLOWERS. If you have 5000 friends who most of them is not always active, forgotten their password or have stopped using Facebook. You will hardly get like and comments.

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  1. A Smartphone i:e Android, iOS
  2. Latest Official Facebook App
  3. A Well edited Facebook Account
  4. A Good profile Picture & Cover

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If you have the above Requirements. Kindly read the below carefully to see how to get 5k Facebook friends.

- Login to your Facebook account

- Change your Privacy to Public

- Click on the Feed Button Icon on the Upper Left Corner of your screen

- Allow the Page to Refresh

- Now locate Recent Posts from your friends (I recommend adding friends from post that is not older than 50 minutes i:e From Just Now to 50 minutes ago)

- Like the Post (this makes you to appear reacted list, which some people can send you requests from there )

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- Click on The Comment Tab (you can comment if you like)

- Now click on the Arrow at the Upper Right Conner of your Screen

- The Next Page will show you People Who Reacted to the post

- Start Adding Friends

By adding friends who reacted on a post that was published on Facebook 2 minutes ago. Makes it possible for them to accept your request quickly and easily because they are online and always active on Facebook.

But by adding friends reacted on a post that was published on Facebook 1 hour or 2 Days Ago makes most of your friend request unacceptable because most of the people who reacted are no longer online.

NOTE: Facebook allows you to Send Friend request to Only People You May or Know. So to Avoid being being Blocked from adding from Adding Friends on Facebook.

if you are asked to Confirm if you know the you are sending request to. Cancel or Skip the Person Because if you confirm that you know the person, Facebook will ask that Person if He/She knows you. If the Person Says NO that's how you get Blocked from adding friends on Facebook

Facebook has no limit of Friend request to send per day. But if you have sent up to 1000 friend requests that has not been accepted, thats when you will no longer be able to send friend request until you cancel all the pending requests.

So you can wait for your friend request approval or See How to Cancel Sent Friend Request on Facebook after canceling or undoing the sent friend requests, go ahead and start adding new friends again by following the above steps. You can also add friends from people you are following.

Keep doing this and you will get 5000 active Facebook friends, when you have reached 5000 friends on your Facebook account. All you have to be doing now is to like and comment on people's posts in other to get followers. Because anybody that tries to add you now is be added as your follower.

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So happy Adding.

Tell us what you think about this and don't forget to share with your friends on social media. God bless you as you do so.

Thanks for Reading.

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