How to Get Curved Corners Display On Android

Okechukwu Solomon May 31, 2017
Android devices are coming with merely great technology displays, and the trend is regularly increasing with the release of every new device model to put in the immense looking display type.

Let it be the curved display, sharp flat display or the display with the rounded corners all are greatly popular among the users.

Now, what if you owe any simple device with that very simple display that was available since the Android release (Just like that), then you might probably be thinking of your display of the device look like amazing.

While if you are having any latest device also but wish to get that rounded corner display then let you know that all this is easily possible, but for that, some external method has to be applied and could not be done utilizing the device’s preferences only.

Here in this article, we have written about the method through which you could be able to get up the rounder corners on your Android device display and hence make it look much more good.

If you were also seeking for this method, then you are exactly at the right place because we have written about the method in an easy way such that you might also not get any issues while implementing it by your own.

Now it’s your time just to follow up reading this article and hence get to know about this method!

How to Get Round Corners Display on your Android

The method is quite simple and easy, you just need to follow some simple step by step guide below to proceed.

Steps to Get Round Corners Display on your Android:

1. First of all, install up to the app called Cornerfly on your Android device, and this could be easily done through using the Google Play Store from where you just have to search for the App and hence install it using the available options.

Read up the permissions of this app and grant then so that the installation of this app could be done successfully.

2. After that open up the app on your device and you shall be greeted with some more app permissions so just grant those all and hence follow ahead to the app’s interface.

Also when taken to the Accessibility settings of your device you have to enable up to the Cornerflu option by using the slide button next to it.

3. On the Cornerfly’s main menu make sure that the switch on the top right corner is enabled. Note that the Cornerfly would not round the corners of your navigation bar, but it would round up the corners at the bottom of the foreground app.

This could be good looking for many of the apps, but we won’t be going with that default settings, but we will be making it rounder from both the sides or the all four corners of the display.

4. To do so head over to the Applications entry in the cornerfly’s main menu and from there go through the list and hence tick the box next to Overlay Navigation bar for any apps that use color matched navigation bar.

5. After making up the changes directly through the simple options of the Cornerfly app, you would see that the corners of your screen would get to rounder shaped and therefore give away that superb groggy look to the shape of your display!

After reading up the above article you have now got about the method by which you would be able to create up the round corners of your Android screen display and cut out that traditional square shaped screen.

The method as you have read the above article is really simple to be applied and there might be no issues to get onto it.

Hope that you might have liked up the method, in case you get into any trouble while trying to apply to up the method then worry not but just tap your appearance below in the comments and we shall be there to help you out.

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