Google Play Services Set To Block Rooted Android Devices

Okechukwu Solomon June 05, 2017
This new coming system from Google has really startled everyone concerning those who had rooted their Android smartphones. Few days ago, Netflix blocked users who are using rooted smartphones from accessing their application and a lot of people were angry about it. Meanwhile, rooting of phones gives the user full control and permission to access some extra features and claim full ownership of their devices.

Rooting was a thing many people does but now, Google latest Android versions will come with all the features we need. So, everything had already been made easy.

Now, the latest news which seems bad is that Google has updated their Google Play Console, as updated during Google IO 2017, includes a Safety Net toggle. This toggle allows developers to add some features that is compatible with the app they make, and others to be kicked out.

Safety Net Attestation checks for the following Device Status markers:

#1. Certified, genuine device that passes CTS
#2. Certified device with unlocked bootloader
#3 . Genuine but un-certified device, such as when the manufacturer doesn’t apply for certification
#4. Device with custom ROM (not rooted)
#5. Emulator
#6. No device (protocol emulator script)
#7. Signs of system integrity compromise, such as rooting
#8. Signs of other active attacks, such as API hooking

If your Android device is rooted, or an emulator, has an unlocked bootloader, or half a dozen other similar, related elements – it will automatically fail the integrity test. You won’t be able to access some major apps from the playstore except otherwise sideloaded.

You can as well use a custom ROM because you are free to download from third-party sites and sideload it into your device.

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