How to convert YouTube to mp3

winnercoz June 23, 2017
It is now a viral issue that youtube cannot get music store snd the question has been thrown out. That can I convert YouTube video to mp3 So many suggestions have been made but today we are here with the definite answer That Yes one can convert YouTube videos to mp3 and here are the procedures for that

How to convert YouTube to mp3

YouTube to mp3 can be done in several ways. We will be sharing with you, one of those ways

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First and foremost before you can convert YouTube to mp3 you must first download load this application called Peggo apk.
With this application you can easily convert your desired YouTube video to mp3.

You will have to install this app here

Download peggo

You go to YouTube and copy the link of your desired video

Then you open Peggo apk then paste the link you copied

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Click the convert button then follow procedures to convert your video

Watch this video for more understanding

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