How to Get Many Likes On Facebook

Okechukwu Solomon June 03, 2017
Hello and welcome to my Facebook tutorial of how to get many likes on Facebook. Have you wondered why Most people will post on Facebook and within an Hour they will be having Upto 5000 to 6000 likes and upto 500 comments with 50 shares. It feels sad when you post on Facebook and all you could be able to have is 5 to 10 likes.

So Today am going to show you how to get many likes on Facebook posts. Facebook only allows friends Limit of 5000. For you to be Getting a lot of like, comments and share on Facebook, you have to add ACTIVE FRIEND & FOLLOWERS. If you have 5000 friends, who most of them is not always active, forgotten their password or have stopped using Facebook. You will hardly get like and comments.

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for you to get many likes on Facebook, you must have upto 3000 to 5000 Friends. When I say friends, I mean Active Friends. See example Below

How Do I get Upto 5000 Friends On Facebook?

If you are wondering how to get upto 3000 to 5000 Active Facebook Friends. Don't worry, just read this article How to Get 5000 Facebook Friends In One Week.

Don't forget to change your privacy to PUBLIC.


The image below shows my post with the highest Facebook likes. So you too start getting your own likes if you follow my steps.

Tell us what you think about this and don't forget to share with your friends on social media. God bless you as you do so.

Thanks for Reading.

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