How to get one thousand active Facebook friends

winnercoz June 22, 2017
Today we will be talking about the trick or secrets on how to have a fast growing Facebook account. What we would be talking about is how can I get up one thousand Facebook active friends. 

 So many people think that it all about coming online and chatting that is all, but today after this article you will realize that there so many things you can do online 

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First when we say one thousand Facebook active friends what will run through your mind is what is the term active?

Active means to be stable, steady, online  in a particular way. Now when we talk about active Facebook friends we having stable friends that are always online whenever you come online. 

It is a fact and fact is that having unstable friends is different from having stable friends because when your friends are stable that is when you will update your status and find out that about one thousand of your friends like that updated 
The benefits of having active Facebook friends


 1 it gives you an interactive chatting experience when chatting with you friends 
 2  it gives you quick news feed of your friends when you're online 
 3  it help you to get many post like when you post 
 4  it saves you from boring chat experience 
 It help you have many views when you Go live on Facebook 

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How to get one thousand active Facebook friends 

1 first when you come online refresh your news feed 

2 like any short time, many like post i-e any recently updated posts with many likes 

3 then it will now add your name to the list of people that have like the post then click on it 

4  it will take you inside the post then you click it again 

5  it will show you the name of people that recently like the post then you start adding friends and they will be accepting right away 

Here is the video watch to understand more about it

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