Rarely Used Features Of Gmail

Okechukwu Solomon June 18, 2017
In this world of internet and email communication, it is difficult to find a person who does not have a Gmail account. Gmail is one of the most used email clients. Gmail is largely used on account of the advanced features that it provides along with improved security levels.

features of gmail

  • You can now take a sigh of relief as you will not be bothered with the large group mails. You have the option of “Mute” under the “More” tab in Gmail. This will help you mute the emails where a large group is marked and everyone starts doing a “Reply All” due to which a number of unwanted emails just pour in.

  • Now you no longer need to just check the checkbox to highlight the email for moving it. You can just right click it and the drop down appears with the options of “Archive, Delete, Mark as read” etc.

  • There is preview pane available for reading the email like it is available in outlook. This feature needs to be enabled in the Gmail Labs by clicking on Cog and Settings followed by Labs & Preview Pane.

  • It is also possible to bookmark searches and emails with the help of quick links in Gmail.

  • There is also some good news for people who have multiple Gmail accounts and want to manage them well. All you need to do is click on the top right corner where you have your avatar and you can choose the other account you want to log on to. Alternatively, you can also change the URL end numbers to “0”, “1” and “2” for accessing other Gmail accounts.

  • Now you can segregate or identify important emails with ease with the Personal Level Indicators of Gmail. This setting is available in Cog under Settings. A symbol of double arrow or >> indicates that you are the only recipient of the email. Likewise, a symbol of a single arrow or > indicates that the email is sent to you and is not a part of the mailing list.

  • Now using the “Details” option under the “last Account Activity” tab you can log out remotely if you logged onto your Gmail account via multiple systems.

  • Gmail now has the capability to verify emails from big services like Paypal etc. to validate that you receive the email from a trustworthy source and not any scammers.

  • Customizing the side bar is also a possibility now. You can use the “Show” and “hide” choices to display the labels that you want to see on the side bar like “Chats”, “Inbox” etc.

  • Conclusively, explore all of these features to have a better experience with your preferred and choicest email client. Gmail Sign in Now Today.

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