How to block someone from commenting on your Facebook post

winnercoz June 25, 2018

If you have that one friend on Facebook that is always leaving you weird comments, spamming your posts, or leaving just plain rude comments, it is possible to still allow them to be your friend while preventing them from commenting on any of your posts. Facebook is well known for its social interaction and allowing many people to communicate back and forth in an open medium. However, sometimes we befriend someone who just can't seem to ever say anything nice. And because of the "social rules" of Facebook, sometimes we friend people who aren't "really" our friends. If that's the case, it is possible to allow that person to see everything on Facebook like normal, view wall posts and pictures, and even chat, but still prevent them from leaving a comment.

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The Setting UsUs

In order to execute this very specific, but oft-requested control, you must locate the one setting used to control who can comment on your posts. Go to Facebook, click on "Account Settings," and select "Privacy Settings." On this page, click the "customize settings" link near the bottom as shown here:

Now, scroll down and look for the heading "Things I share." Next to it, you will notice some sub-categories. Look for "Can comment on posts. Includes status updates, friends' Wall posts, and photos."

Select the drop-down menu next to it and then select "Custom.

(Note: your screen may look different, depending on your privacy settings. The drop down menu may currently say "Only Friends" or "Everyone." It doesn't matter, just click it and select "Custom.")

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On the screen that appears you will notice some finer controls:

Under "Hide this from," type in the name of any of your friends that you want to prevent from commenting on your posts. Remember that they will still be able to see the post, just not comment on it. When you're finished save the setting and return to Facebook. You can add as many or few people as you wish to that screen and edit it at any time. The people you added will now be blocked from commenting on any of your posts (including pictures).

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