How to check out the processor of your Android device

winnercoz July 05, 2017

The method is quite straightforward and easy, and you just need to follow the simple step by step guide discussed below to proceed.

#1 First of all download and install the app named Droid Hardware Info from the Google Play Store.

Just search for this app and then click on the install button aside to it to start the installation process, after that let the app be downloaded and installed. Some permissions would be asked before you start to install the app just grant all those and move right away with the installation.

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#2 Open the newly installed app and inside the app head towards to the System tab and you would see there the two fields named CPU Architecture and Instruction Sets.

Open up these fields and surf through these, you would get much much information regarded to the processor but you might not be able to read it as such. Just follow up the method and we would help you decode that information of your Android device processor.

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#3 Essentially the ARM: ARMv7 or armeabi, ARM64: AArch64 or arm64 and the x86: x86 or x86abi is the decoded information for your processor architecture that you might be looking for.

Some of the other information is too listed with the app which you could easily use to narrate the full hardware information of your device processor After reading up the above article you have now got the simple way through which you could be able to know about all technical information about your processor on the Android device. This information you get could be useful to you for knowing about the quality of the device and it’s performance factors etc during the buying of any new device. If you are getting any issues regarding the grabbing of your processor on Android device then please comment for that, we would love to help you out!

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