How to get 360 degree pictures using chrome open tabs

winnercoz July 22, 2017
360-degree images give you the whole detailed look from the all six sides. This kind of images are often confused with the short video clips or the GIFs but these certainly are of vastly different format. The websites use this kind of images to show the users the complete look of any device or product, for example, mobile devices etc.

Now Considering about the Chrome web browser, it is certainly alike to other browsers only as for the most of the part it shows that same clear white background home pages on each new tab. What if you are fed up with the looks for the new tab backgrounds inside the chrome browser UI? There is the way to give life to those empty looking tabs, and that is to include in the 360-degree live background. Here in this article, we have written about the way by which the 360-degree images would be made to appear in the each new tab background inside the Chrome browser.

We are here considering only the chrome browser but the way for the other browsers would also be there. If you are a Chrome user and you wish to make the above changes for the 360-degree images then just follow up the article and know about that method!

How to Get 360-Degree Picture in Chrome New Tab Page

The method is quite simple and easy and you just need to follow the simple step by step guide that we had discussed just right below.

Steps to Get 360-Degree Picture in Chrome New Tab Page:

1.We all know that the Chrome features and functions could be extended with the use of add-ons or plugins. The usage of these sort of software pieces makes it extremely easy for any user to transform the Chrome browser into their custom style. Now talking about the method we are going to perform it just through the help of some plugin or the add-on named
SURF TABS . You require to download this plugin and install it on your Chrome browser. For the part of the installation of plugins if you are not knowing about the procedure then we have written the steps for that below:

* Goto the extensions tab inside the Chrome web browser through the quick menu that is placed on the taskbar.

* Inside the extensions tab goes to the add new option and click on it.
* Search for the add-ons or the extensions and then install your specified one from the results section.

2. After the installation of the above-specified plugin you just need to return to the browser and then open up the new tab. The Chrome will notify the user about the tab modifications and will ask for the permissions. Just Grammy the permissions and proceed further to the steps. This actually happens so as to prevent the security measures and stick as the extensions might not indulge into the browser functions.

3. on the new tab there will be the 360 image that would appear but it won’t cover the whole screen. The image will set itself aside near the edges and the user will need to drag those edges to open and stretch the full-screen image. After doing so that unique 360-degree image will view up in the tan background!

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4. To witness the whole around image just drag and drop the cursor through the edges and move around the image.

5. The thing that just does not justifies the quality of this add-on is the disability to set the custom category of images or type. The extension will just show those images only which it will decide and no other image could be set by custom.

6. Through clicking the icon of this extension anyone can open up the new tab inside their Chrome web browser.

7. To disable this extension and those images to appear you just need to set it through the extension manager or I guess if there would be some other way too. But for the part which I’m knowing, you need to follow the above way only.

The lifeless tabs would gain the energy when you will see those 360-degree images appear in the background. By this way, the chrome shall also feel more aesthetic and colorful which might enhance your browsing e9

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