How to set an opening time on any website

winnercoz July 17, 2017

The method is quite simple and easy and you just need to use one simple Google Chrome extension that will help you to schedule any of the web pages to open at a specific time as the extension will force that web page to open at that specific time. So follow the below steps to proceed.

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#1 The method we are going to describe is only related to the Chrome web browser and for any other web browser, it won’t work. The reason you will find up soon.

#2 First of all, you have to download and install the Chrome extension named Open Me Later! This extension is the main source for the induction of feature. This is the reason why you cannot utilize the method on any other browsers as the same kind of utility would not be available for them. (Open Me Later is a Google Chrome extension developed by TechWyse Internet Marketing for the purpose of accessing a particular web page in the future. This tool helps you to schedule how and when you access websites on your browser. It allows you to pull up the pages you need, when you need them.)

Schedule Websites to Open at Certain Times and Date

#3 After the installation of the above-stated extension, go and visit your website for which you wish to set the schedule. Click on the extension icon through the browser taskbar and then set up the date and timing for that particular website open in your browser. This will lead to the opening of that website according to the set date and time schedule automatically.

Schedule Websites to Open at Certain Times and Date

#4 Now if you wish to change the schedule for any of your website, just click on the Clock Icon of the Extension that is placed below on the screen. You will see all your websites along with the time and date schedule. Make your alterations through using the arrows controls aside to then. Save your changes after that and the effects will take into control instantly.

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Finally, you have now got about the method through which you can set some of your important websites to open automatically at set time and date. The applying of this method doesn’t take more than some minutes but it does help to save so many hours of users that they would either distress in working on their tasks. At last, we just hope that you people liked this article and you have no issues regarding the method. If any of the users asking you faced the complications of problems then they can talk to is about that through the comments section

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