How to unfollow all Facebook groups at once

winnercoz July 12, 2017

Why We Made Unfollow All Facebook Groups At Once Tool

When we are member of many groups, our timeline is filled with many posts that we don’t want to see. To get over this problem and remove those posts, we should unfollow all groups. After unfollowing all groups , group updates will not appear in your timeline, this will improve your timeline experience and help you to get rid of posts shared in group.

Who Can use Unfollow All Groups At Once Tool

Unfollow all groups at once tool is free to use. To use this tool, make sure you have facebook social toolkit installed on your chrome web browser, if you don’t have it then you can search for facebook social toolkit in chrome web store to download it.

How To Use Unfollow All Groups At Once Tool

Make sure you have Facebook social toolkit installed on your chrome browser and you are logged into your Facebook account, then follow the steps given below:

Click on Facebook social toolkit icon to start Facebook social toolkit
Select Unfollow all groups from drop down menu of removal tools section
Now click on Unfollow all groups button to begin the process
Allow Facebook social toolkit to iterate over different group ids to unfollow all groups, time taken to finish the process depends on number of groups you have joined.
watch video tutorial given below for more info:

Video tutorial on how to unfollow all Facebook groups at once

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