The best method used to update blog content

winnercoz July 11, 2017

Updating blog content is necessary to increase traffic as your archives may have scores of them waiting for the right TLC to rejuvenate them. If one old post is seen by just 5 new visitors daily, wouldn’t that result in remarkable growth for your old blog.

Here’s how to update an old blog

Keyword addition:

Keywords and SEO are inextricable. So put in your keywords strategically several times within the old blog so that you get a higher ranking in search results and record increased blog traffic.

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Use Pinterest-friendly images in line with your branding:

Start first by updating your images on the most popular earlier posts. You can use Google Analytics to identify which posts brought you the optimum traffic. Then, use new, Pinterest-friendly images that go with your current fonts and color schemes. This will definitely increase your blog’s traffic!

Rephrase old titles:

This is a wise way to be more SEO-friendly. Since the headline of your blog is a crucial component of its friendliness in terms of SEO, use a headline that not only ranks higher on the major search engines but has keywords that make it look interesting to deserve a click. The ideal way to rewrite titles is to put yourself in the surfer’s shoes and use a phrase that he would ideally use to locate your post and include it in the headline.

Add deep linking & related posts:

With old posts, it generally happens that you probably mentioned something in them that made you write a separate and more elaborate post later. So study your old blogs to check if there could be any new posts that are worth linking to. This works well with your readers because they get more information about any topic that interests them and subsequently increases blog traffic. This again happens because more people start clicking around on your site.

Update & reuse:

All old posts have some value and nothing is worthless enough to be rejected outright. Update them to match current trends and preferences to spin out new ones and republish them. Saves time and energy considerably. Should you require professional assistance, try Contentmart, a professional writing services provider , which might help you hook up with the right people to deliver the best results.

Delete spam:

There’s nothing as irritating as reading a great blog and then finally seeing dozens of spam comments on it. While going through all your old blogs, ruthlessly delete all spam comments that hinder your site’s basic aesthetics or credibility.

Expand posts & update information:

Use your past blog writing experience and add new and current information to old posts. Expand them because Google simply loves long and useful posts. In other words, ring out the old and ring in the new! This undoubtedly would increase your blog traffic.

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Proofreading is compulsory:

No one likes typographical errors or grammatically incorrect language while reading your post. Moreover, search engines always prefer the very best content. Thus, if your post has callous spelling errors or even non-working links, your credibility with Google searches diminishes. Use spell checks thoroughly for old posts and also read them carefully for errors. Plugins too may be used to locate broken links on the site and then fixed. Also, keep paragraphs short for ease of reading.

How can I improve my website content?

It goes without saying that the ever increasing competitive digital marketing world is constantly being driven by powerful content. This has somewhat forced digital marketers to crank out the best website content possible. And it is also proven that well-written, SEO-based content is enhancing both traffic and engagement. So, here’s how to improve website content.

The Treadmill Approach:

This is running hard and staying ahead of your competitors. You create and use quality content – a true business asset that yields positive results over time. When you create content “on the treadmill,” you need to invest a lot of effort and time continue to meet the content demand. However, this may yield mediocre results also. Moreover, should you slow down or stop producing content for any period of time, your spigot is most likely to run dry.

The Quality Approach:

The alternative approach is to focus less on content volume and more on its quality, i.e. the “less is more” policy. However, quality content is not always readily available and may have to be outsourced for its creation. Contentment, for instance, is one such site that has onboard a plethora of highly trained and experienced content writers who will readily customize any content to your specific demands.

Additionally, the secrets of good content creation are the following:

Development of concrete objectives:

Planning the content for your website around the achievable goals is a must. It all depends on whether you are looking at creating thought leadership; informing your readers and customers; or, simply driving traffic to increase bottom lines. Thus, outline your objectives first and subsequently prioritize. Otherwise, the outcome may make you unhappy.

Research, Research & Research:

Before putting pen to paper, it’s absolutely imperative that you first understand your competition, the audience as also where the opportunities for keywords and subject matter lie in order to deliver distinguished and high-quality website content. Otherwise, all your efforts may simply miss your target audience. Just writing without knowing first whether your target audience needs it or not is a bad gamble to make. Thus, basic research is the key to great content.

Don’t Ignore The Apparently Small Stuff:

A small tweak can make a big impact on your brand’s online marketing. Thus, proper keyword researching and using slight variants of such chosen keywords attract less competition and continue to be searched frequently. Tweaking the content for focusing on these terms helps you “own” the conversation around your subject. Similarly, you may tighten your title, or use keyword terms more consistently.

Solidify the Role of Website Content in the marketing strategy:

Once these basics are in place, you need to be programmatic and strategic on how the plan for your website content fits in with your companies associated marketing efforts. Thus, you have to work on a long-term road map, consistently publishing quality content that matches your goals enterprise-wide. In other words, each content piece becomes an “asset,” supported by or repurposed for your other marketing material. When brand assets become inextricably linked with your business’s value, long-term consumer engagement and traffic will definitely increase and give significant returns on investment.

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