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winnercoz July 04, 2017

Having WiFi or not is almost a matter of survival in a connected society where personal and professional life is protected in instant communication with all kinds of people.

That is why when we are traveling around the world and we do not have a free Internet connection, and not only that looking for free public Wi-Fi could be difficult and most of them tend to require users to sign up.

However, now you don’t have to worry about this, yes, the social media giant is testing out a feature that will help users locate free public WiFi.

Yes, the social media giant Facebook simply wants to stop us from searching for free public networks by making available to all its users ‘Search WiFi’ feature that had been in tests since last year. As the social media giant Facebook simply wants to help people to stay connected with their friends.

From now you can find free WiFi thanks to the social network giant Facebook, suppose if you have to go outside and you need a fast Internet connection without vitiating the data of your operator then this feature will be the best option for you.

 These areas will be accessible by the public, but if they are the business then users should enter the premises to consume to have access.
In this way, the user would gain a free and fast Internet connection without compromising their data, and the premises could have new customers who need an Internet connection and who are already entering to consume their business. In addition, it will be listed both the time of the trade and the name of the network.

To search the free Wifi zones users simply have to open the ‘Search WiFi’ function and it will show a map of the vicinity with all the zones and places that offer free connection.
The WiFi Search feature on Facebook is a bit hidden, and to access it you must go to the side menu of the application, click on ‘see all’ and hit the ‘search WiFi’ option. If you still do not have the feature do not worry, because it is arriving in a staggered way.

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