How to delete Facebook messenger voice note

Victor Aaron August 30, 2017

How to delete messenger voice messages from your chat history Welcome, today we will be educating you on how you easily delete Your messenger voice messages from your chat history Recently we discussed on How to show offline on messenger while you are online 2017 which has been a trending post on the social media and even search engines, but today we are back with an update about another trending topic that says how to delete messenger voice messages from your chat history and Here is a simple technique, that can be used to delete your messenger voice messages In just a seconds without you using Facebook toolkit, because this action does not need any inputed software to carry out this action
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For your to Delete your messenger voice messages you need to follow the instructions one by one

How to delete messenger voice messages

First before deleting your messenger voice messages you have to

  1. you open your Facebook messenger app

  2. open the chat history

  3. Click and hold the voice message you want to delete

  4. Click on the delete button

After refreshing the chat history the voice will be deleted, you have successfully deleted the voice message
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