How to Delete Whatsapp Voice Notes on Android

Okechukwu Solomon August 30, 2017
Good Day and welcome to, Today I will be tutoring you on how to delete whatsapp voice notes on Android, which is also known as whatsapp voice messages. If you are using whatsapp and you are also in whatsapp groups. You will be receiving voice notes or voice messages often.
Whatsapp Automatically downloads and stores voice notes or messages to you smartphone’s internal memory. This will later occupy your Android internal memory space, thereby causing your smartphone to hang, lag or perform very slow.
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In my previous article, I discussed how to Prevent WhatsApp Automatic Download of Photos and Videos. So the below steps will show you how to delete whatsapp voice notes or messages on Android, either one by one or to delete all whatsapp voice notes at once.

How to Delete Whatsapp Voice Messages On Android: 

You may have deleted the whatsapp voice notes using this method, by tapping and holding on the Received/Sent and then delete.

This will actually deleting it from the conversation menu and they are still stored on your phone internal memory. Follow the steps to completely delete the voice messages:

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  1. First, Navigate to your File Manager 
  2. Click on Internal Memory 
  3. Scroll down to Whatsapp Folder, open it click on Media Folder and then click on Whatsapp Voice Notes Folder 
  4. There you will see all the saved whatsapp voice notes on messages 
  5. You can start deleting them one by one or mark and select the ones you want to delete 
  6. Kindly Delete the Whatsapp Voice Notes Folder if you want want to delete all at once. 
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That's all you need to know on how to delete whatsapp voice notes or messages on Android, this process may also work on iOS Smartphones. You can also use this method to delete sent and received whatsapp images and videos. 

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