How to Save Whatsapp Status Pictures And Videos on Android 2018

winnercoz February 21, 2018
Ever since WhatsApp introduced How to Delete Whatsapp Voice Notes on Android back in February, people have been looking for ways on how to save WhatsApp status video and pictures. The Status-update feature was greeted with mixed feelings at first as expected but a lot of people seem to have embraced the development.

Even so, you might still want to download a photo or two from a friend’s status update someday. Here, we’ll explore a few tricks to download WhatsApp Status photos and videos of your friends, directly to an iPhone or Android devices.
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WhatsApp Status or WhatsApp Stories feature. It is much similar to the Snapchats Stories and contacts can view the shared images, GIFs or Videos for a period of 24 hours before it gets deleted automatically. Those days of keeping love quotes as whatsapp status were gone with status video update. You can now keep your favorite Game of Thrones Season 7 trailer or Mass masala Tamil video song as your whatsapp status video. You can keep the first 30 seconds of the video only as status. As of now, there is no video splitting feature in whatsapp.
Every day, millions of people update WhatsApp status with pictures and interesting video contents; one can’t help but laugh at some of these hilarious updates. Ever since, the thirst for knowledge to save WhatsApp status videos and pictures have increased, few have found a way around this but most people still have to ask their contacts who uploaded these Statuses to send to them. What if you could actually save these videos and pictures yourself?

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How to Save WhatsApp Status Video and Pictures on iPhone/Android

WhatsApp stores all status videos and pictures you’ve viewed on your phone in a particular which you cannot find. After a while these photos and videos disappear from the folder and you have to act fast after viewing them to actually save them permanently on your device. To know how to save WhatsApp status video and pictures, follow the steps outlined below:
  • Download ES File Manager here for Android and install on your devices. iPhone users can download the File Manager here. If you have a good Manager running on your device you can ignore.
  • Open the File Manager, tap on the menu icon as shown below to bring out the File Manager options. Scroll down and toggle the Show hidden files button to the right.
how to save whatsapp status video iphone and android
  • The hidden folders and files can now be seen. WhatsApp stores your viewed Status Videos and Pictures in one of these folders.
  • Enter your phone’s memory from the File Manager and locate a folder named WhatsApp. Navigate to Media and tap on the .Statuses
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  • The .Statuses folder contains the recent Statuses you’ve viewed as shown below.
how to save whatsapp status video iphone and android
  • Since the folder is hidden naturally, you need to move the status videos and pictures you want to save permanently on your phone to a folder that is not hidden, i.e. picture or videos folder.
That is how to save WhatsApp Status videos and pictures on iPhone and Android.

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