How to stop video auto play on Facebook 2018

winnercoz June 25, 2018
Facebook is one of the most popular social networks in the world and you should know the importance of Facebook. Almost 75% people of the world are using this Facebook Social network because Facebook is very easy to operate and it can connect with some other one easily by voice call or message. That is why Facebook software developers are working all time to develop it to more capable for any user. So recently Facebook developers added a new feature which is autoplaying the news feed videos. This feature helps you to play any video whenever users check their Facebook news feed. That’s mean if any video appears in your Facebook news feed then it will start video automatically. But most of the Facebook users are not satisfied with this unnoticeable change. Suppose you are in some place where sounds not allow but at that moment you have to message someone on Facebook and the video played automatic. Remember one thing, video play automatic will consume a large amount of data. So if you are worried about it then don’t worry. Today we will tell you on how to stop facebook video autoplay. If you really want to stop video play automatic then just read this method but don’t worry it’s just a simple trick and it is not permanent setting, you can also change it if you want.

So if you want to relief from this large amount of data consuming feature then our method will help you completely to overcome this problem.

Naturally, you are using Mobile phone or Computer for Facebook, so we will tell you two different methods to relief from this feature.

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  • Step-1
  • At first, log in to your Facebook account.

  • Step-2
  • After entered into your FB account, then click on the arrow which you will find the top of the right side.

  • Step-3
  • After clicking the arrow bottom you will see different options and then just click on settings.

  • Step-4
  • Then click on video option which you will bottom of the left side.

  • Step-5
  • Here you will see Auto-Play videos option and you can also see a small drop down option. Here you could see default option already selected. Just click on the arrow.

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  • Step-6
After clicking the arrow you will find default, on and off option. Click on off the option to stop autoplay video on Facebook.

Now your settings are completed. So this is just a small process to stop autoplay video on facebook.

How to Stop Autoplay Facebook Video on Android Mobile?

Now we will discuss how to stop autoplay facebook video on mobile. It is also a simple method. Just follow these steps one by one perfectly.

  • Step-1
  • At first, log in to your Facebook account.

  • Step-2
  • After entered into your FB account, go to FB news feed then click on
  • option
  • bottom (just like three bar) which you will find the top of the right side.

  • Step-3
  • After click on the option bottom, just click on the App Settings.

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  • Step-4
  • Then you will see Videos play automatically option which is On Mobile Data and Wi-Fi Connections mode.

  • Step-5
  • Then click on Videos play automatically option. Here you will find On Mobile Data and Wi-Fi Connections, On Wi-Fi Connections only and Never Autoplay Videos option. As per your requirement, just click on the Never Autoplay Videos option and your settings save automatically.
    Now you will use your android phone without automatic playing videos. Except these feature you can also promote your page on facebook. So that you can enlarge your business.

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