How to Use Whatsapp Color Status Feature

Okechukwu Solomon August 06, 2017
The world largest messaging app WhatsApp has added another featureto its app and very soon, it will be roll out to all WhatsApp users. Right now,it’s still a server side test available to some beta testers.

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You’ll recall that sometimes last year Facebook introduced Color Status on its Android app that allowed users to write theirstatus update with a colorful background, font, and emoji combination. Now, thesame feature has been spotted on WhatsApp new status screen as well.

Though not all currently use the Status feature, PerhapsWhatsApp hope it will convince people to start using the status feature.

How to Use The New Colored Status Feature
Go to the Status tab and look for the floating pencil button on the bottom right. 

I don't have it on my phone yet even though I'm on thelatest 2.17.291 beta version, but its already visible on some beta testers  WhatsApp version, so it could be a serverside switch or it might require you clear app data to show up.
If you are a beta tester, you can update your WhatsApp to the latest on Playstore. Do try it out and let us know ifyours is now active.

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