How to Watch YouTube Videos Offline on Android and iOS

Okechukwu Solomon August 08, 2017
YouTube is the world most popular video-sharing website. It's the best online source to watch videos mostly on entertainment, tutorials, education, news, and lots more. People do not watch only videos on YouTube but they can upload and share their own content as well. Millions of new videos are uploaded on this platform daily.

Do you want to download YouTube videos to watch them offline?. Unfortunately there is no download button on YouTube to save videos in your device directly. Maybe due to the copyright issue or whatever the rreason may be, here is a good news for all of us.

Few years back, YouTube has introduced a feature in its mobile apps which allows you to save videos offline so that you can watch them later any number of times. Here I will show you how to use this feature and save YouTube videos in your device for offline viewing.

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How to save YouTube videos offline

As already mentioned, this feature is only available in YouTube app, not in its mobile site. So first make sure to update the YouTube app from your respective phone's app store (i.e., Google Play Store in Android and App Store in iOS). After updating it, follow this step-by-step guide -
  1. Launch YouTube app and open the video you want to save offline.
  2. Once it is loaded, tap the small download button available at the right-side of screen below video title. (See below picture)

  3. Now a pop up box will appear where you have to select the resolution (Low, Medium or HD) of the video. Next to each resolution, it will display its size.

    Choose resolution
  4. You can also use "Save overnight" option to automatically download videos in night-time between 11:00PM and 7:00AM.
  5. After this, tap the "OK" button and video will start downloading in your phone. You can check its progress in notification tab and download section.
In the same way, now you can also download complete Playlist.
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How to watch offline saved videos

Although videos are saved in your phone memory but they can't be played as like other media files. You can watch them with YouTube app only. Here's a step-by-step guide of how to Watch YouTube videos offline using YouTube mobile app-
  1. When you are offline, open YouTube app.
  2. Now move to Account tab (click the user avatar at the top-right corner of the screen).

  3. Under Available Offline section, click "Offline Videos" option.

    Watch offline saved videos
  4. Now click the video you want to watch.
If you want to delete any video, first tap the option button (three dots) and then click "Remove from offline videos" option.

Where does the offline videos get saved?

The offline videos you download from YouTube are saved in your phone's memory under Internal Storage/Android/data/ directory. The video's file extension is EXO which is highly compressed and encrypted in such a way that only YouTube app can decrypt it. Unfortunately, you can't play these videos with normal media player apps (such as MX Player) and neither share them with other device.

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Note that, if you will update YouTube app, sometimes videos may disappear from your offline playlist. If you would like to ask something about this topic, fell free to share it in the comment box.I

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