How to know if you have been blocked on Facebook

winnercoz August 20, 2017
Being blocked on popular social networking sites like Facebook really annoying. On Facebook, we interact with many known and unknown people. But we forget to interact with all of them for a while. And one day found that one of them missing not only from friend list, also from Facebook.

Now the question is-

Are you blocked by someone on Facebook? or His profile is deactivated!

There may be many reason that Facebook directly block an account.

But, suddenly when you remember that person and try to find that one, you are not able. This means either this person blocked you or he had deactivated his Facebook profile.

Also, if you made a Fan Page and trying to invite your friend and are not able to find him that means either he blocked you or disabled his account.

We are not sure. Right? As we have two possibilities on both...

Let's find.

Will Facebook notify you when someone blocks you?

No, never. It is some internal policy of Facebook that does not let to notify that person who are blocked.</
**Note: If you are blocked by someone Facebook is not going to send any notification anyhow. But, if anyone report your activity and messages then on some cases Facebook mostly warns you but this networking site will not give you any notifications while you are blocked.

But, to be sure, we need some more points to discuss...

  1. 1. Search that Person while Logged Out (Secret Tips)

If you are unable to find the person directly from you profile just do some tricky and easy steps given below to find that person--

  • i)First of all, open your browser in incognito mode and input the profile link of that person(if any)


  • If you have a link to his profile and you can see his profile without logging in your facebook account, that clearly means the person blocked you.

  • 2.
  • Search that Person with a New Profile (Make a new ID)
  • i)
    • If you find the person after searching on facebook and profile of that person is popping out which your old id is not able to catch then it means you are blocked by that person. While making new ID make sure that you input the details that looks same to that person area and work. If so then it helps the search for better related and accurate results. Like, if you are from same area and working in same company then, Facebook shows some persons working and living in same area. Also school and colleges of an individual matters a lot.

    The bonus part?...

    If you don't have a mutual friend then by this way you can make many friends which increases the chance of getting a mutual friend in your friend list. As the person living and working in same area then they may also be the friend of that person. And if that person(who blocked you) set his profile you shows only to friends of friends then it is really a important step to reach that person.

    How you can delete your Facebook account (Two ways you need to know)

  • Checking with Settings in Chat
  • All of us should know that when we chat with someone, that conversation also opens in a URL on Facebook.
    There you can see multiple settings. Just find the "Action" and click on the drop-down menu.

    Finally:- On that way, you will see 'Report Spam and Abuse..' option from the list.

    What is Spam and Abuse section? It is a privacy settings dedicated to users by Facebook to prevent harass and inappropriate messages significantly. So, what to do next to check if you are blocked by the person!... Just click on report spam and abuse, please don't do it completely. Just check what is popping out after clicking that button. If you are blocked then this option would not let you do this complete. It will show 'Operation Prohibited' if you are blocked.

  • 4. Checking with Messenger if blocked(An alternative way)
  • Also messenger is a great way. With Messenger we can chat unlimitedly. But when it say unable to send and shows error then it is really disturbing. When some chats are going on and a continuous chat (one of those) get stopped then it feels disturbing and make our mood off. Here we are going to discuss some points which will disclose what happened with that. Either this person blocked while chat going or he just deactivated his profile. So, first of all, refresh the messenger app and check what is showing on the name of that person.

    • If you see connection error your app would not load and will show the error. On that case, you cannot be sure that he blocked you.


  • But, if you see 'Facebook User' on that name then it might be the reason that he blocked you. To make it confirm we have to do another test, after that only we can say what is inside.

  • iii)

  • To make it easy just get the profile link of that person and open it after logging out your profile. If you are able to see him or her then it means that person blocked you on messenger. 100% sure.

  • Will you able to see future posts of that person who blocked you?

    Absolutely not. If someone blocks you, you would not be able to find that person anymore. If he comments and likes on any posts you would not see that. It is fully hidden like the person is not available on Facebook.
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    When you are not blocked but also unable to see him If you unable to see the person either with the new ID or with logging out then this may be the cause that the person deactivated this profile or set his privacy only for friends of friends. This is really tricky now to find the person. But, I have also a easy and great solution for this. As you were friend with that person, that is why, you may have remembered any mutual friends for person. So, if you remembered such a person then all set. Just, send a friend request with your new ID to that mutual friend right now.

    (Note: It is possible that if the person has blocked you in old profile then you are not going to see him. So, we are using new ID)

    If someone blocks you on Facebook, the better way to contact that person with a new profile. So, if you get blocked to send messages and want to check the person, look into your friend list. Find, if any friend missing from there. But, if you see Facebook User in your friend list then it means that person deactivated his or her account.

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