Mechanic union constitution have mechanical fault

winnercoz August 31, 2017

The mechanic Village union constitution is being put under test. The question is, should the law be abiding to all members alone or should it be abiding to the whole public?
Then if it is abiding to the whole public, what if force people are involved...
Earlier this month of August 2017, the NATA(Nigeria Automobile Technician Association) union Bayelsa state made a law prohibit entering or going out the Mechanic Village once is 06:30pm. The reason was because of customer's motor battery theft that has became the order of the day.

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In other to curtail this issue, this law was made to become abiding to member and to the general public
But on the  30th day of August 2017 the law was put to test as a force member played itself

A force man's man car was undergoing mechanical maintenance as the mechanic could not finish on time as it pass the 6:30 pm deadline
Following the punishment attached with the law for the breaker, police came to arrest the mechanic working on the car

The air force Marshall who was on mofty pleaded with the excos representative present but they bluntantly refuse, claiming he is enforcing the law.
The force man also show his identity card and explain that he still has assignment to accomplish, but all his plead ended in a deaf ears, as union did not refused to arrest the mechanics, and handed them over to the police.

This morning the air force man came with his baterllion to arrest the excose members
Here are some pictures to show

this inccident  now refer me back to my previous question of how can this law be amended to suits all

on my own opinion I suggest that the law should be considered with  regards to some highly respected professions like force member and doctors because of the nature of their job.

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