How to Change YouTube Playback Speed on Android and iOS

Okechukwu Solomon December 01, 2018
Do you know that you can now change YouTube playback speed? YouTube’s mobile app latest update on Android and IOS has now made it possible to change YouTube playback speed on Android and IOS devices. The feature has been available on the web version long ago and now mobile app users can decrease and increase video playback speed from 0.25x (quarter speed) to 2x (double speed).

This feature comes in handy a lot as we want to fast-forward video playback sometimes, especially when watching video tutorials without having to seek the playback time bar. There are also video tutorials that are very fast and not easy to catch-up with, the new mobile update makes it easy to slow down playback and pay attention to the finer details of the video being watched.
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A major problem of increasing playback speed is the audio of the videos sounds like when chipmunks are talking.

How to Change YouTube Playback Speed on Android and IOS

  1. Update the YouTube app to the latest version from your app store.
  2. Open the app and play the video of your choice
  3. Tap on the parallel three tiny dots hamburger-look alike menu to bring out video options. Choose Playback Speed as shown below.
  4. From the options shown, you can now select the playback speed you want.
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That's all you need to know on  how to change YouTube playback speed on the mobile app. So what's do you have to say about this new YouTube mobile app Feature?

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