How to hang someone's phone from functioning using whatsapp

winnercoz September 10, 2017

From recent times, since the introduction of whatsapp it has been the best immediate messaging app for all Android devices. If you have been using whatsapp since it's introduction, you have been receiving and sending messages to your contacts and your might have come across messages that hangs your phone or crashes the app automatically. So how a message can do this? You may call it a virus or scam but actually it's a WhatsApp bug.

If you are send a message containing so many characters or emojies (that is more than 25k characters) is sent to someone, WhatsApp will start crashing as it can't handle such long messages. This will slow down your down. how to increase phone's performance and your phone will also hang for a while.

though whatsapp has try so many ways to fix this problem to some extent but still you can use it as a prank to hang your friend's phone. Here's a simple trick to create a contact message in WhatsApp that will hang your friend's phone.

How to hang someone's WhatsApp

As it was mentioned, you can hang your friends whatsapp by sending a message which contains too many characters. You can apply this trick on contact also. All you have to do is, create a new phone contact and fill too many characters in its name field. Then just send that contact to the person whose phone you want to hang.

Let's first discuss about how to generate characters (or smileys) -

see how to create smileys here

There are a couple of apps available for Android that can help you to generate thousands of characters instantly. One of the app is named WhatsApp Bomber which you can find over the Internet by searching on Google. This app lets you choose the level to generate characters and then automatically copy everything to the clipboard.

You can also create a long text message manually in voice notes by copying and pasting same thing again and again (For example, you can copy-paste 100 smileys 10x times to create 1k+ smileys).

Once you have copied characters to the clipboard, next step is to create a new phone contact. Here's a step-by-step guide to hang someone's WhatsApp with this trick -

  1. First go to Phone Contacts and add a new number.
  2. In the first and last name field, paste the characters you have copied to the clipboard and save the contact. Additionally you can add contact picture.

  3. Now open WhatsApp and send contact to your friend's chat or group. That's it.

You can also send text to the victim's chat directly without creating a new phone contact. When the victim will open your chat, his phone will start hanging. Note that, your contact should have at least 1000 smileys in both first and second name field. Also, this trick may not work on iPhone.

How to stop WhatsApp from crashing

When you will open the victim's chat or when someone will send the same message, your phone will also hang for a while. To prevent WhatsApp from crashing, simply open the chat and delete that message. So this is how you can hang someone's WhatsApp. Isn't that interesting and funny trick? If you face an challenge or difficulty trying to do this or any complains on any thing you don't understand drop your comments below .

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