How to hide your whatsapp chat from people

winnercoz September 10, 2017

Whatsapp is the best instant messaging app that allows us to chat with our loved ones. And If you have some private conversations on WhatsApp, then you might be worried about your chat privacy. Maybe you have some messages that you don't even want to delete like your girl friend's or boyfriend's chat. What if someone will read them in your absence? You may be in very big trouble.

Luckily for you , there is an option in WhatsApp settings which allows you to hide or archive chats manually. This feature was added to protect user's privacy. If you would like to read the conversation, you can easily unhide it anytime. Here we will discuss on how to save archive on WhatsApp in your phone.

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How to hide WhatsApp chats

Here are step-by-step guide for both Android and iPhone users -
  1. First launch the WhatsApp application in your phone.
  2. Now long press and hold the chat you would like to archive. You can also select multiple chats simultaneously.
  3. Next, click the archive icon at the top-right corner of the screen. (See below picture).

iPhone users just swipe left to the chat and click "Archive" button. Once you have done, all your archived conversations will no longer be visible in WhatsApp chat list. They will be moved to archived folder.

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If you want to unarchive any chat, again open WhatsApp, scroll down to the bottom and click "Archived chats" option.

Now long press and hold the chat and then tap the unarchive icon at the top-right corner of the screen.

How to archive all chats simultaneously

There is an option in settings which lets you archive all chats at the same time. Just open WhatsApp, click menu button (three dots) and go to "Settings > Chats > Chat History". Now click on "Archive all chats" option and then click OK button. This way, you can quickly hide all those contacts which no longer chat with you.

It will be more meaningful to use archive word here, rather than hide. This is because, archive means to create a collection of something. Whereas hiding means to protect your data from unauthorized access. So we haven't hide the chat. They are just archived as like we archive our data in zip file.

However, if you have a long list of chat, then no one will be able to see your archived folder unless they scroll down to the bottom and thus your chats are hidden indirectly.

Still there is one major drawbacks. WhatsApp unarchive the chat automatically when contact sends you a new message. So this is just a temporary trick. Hope we will have more control over privacy in future. If you have any doubts, feel free to drop them in the comment box.

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