How to messenge 100 different people at once on whatsapp (using broadcast list)

winnercoz September 09, 2017
Whatsapp has been upgraded. And it now load with many different features and its the reason why it is among one of the most popular immediate messaging apps. There are so many ways by which you can chat with other people on WhatsApp. For example, you can send messages to personal contacts you can use group chat or broadcast feature. Among these three options, Broadcast is the best feature of WhatsApp, yet it's not been use

In Broadcast feature, you can send messages to multiple contacts at once. But the same can be possible. see How to use Whatsapp on your computer. The main difference between these two features are , WhatsApp group is just a group or a place of discussion where more than one members can chat simultaneously, while broadcast allows you to send private messages to multiple contacts and they will reply to your messages only in private chat.

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If you are about to send an important message to different number of people individually , you can use the broadcast feature. On the other hand, WhatsApp group can be used to do regular group chat with your friends or family members. Now let's discuss how you can use this WhatsApp broadcast feature and send messages to multiple contacts at once.

How to create broadcast list in WhatsApp

Here's a step-by-step guide -

  • First, open WhatsApp and tap the menu button (three dots button at the top-right corner of the screen).

  • Next, click "New broadcast" option.

  • Now select the contacts you want to add in the broadcast list. You can add up to 256 recipients in a single list.

  • Once you've selected contacts, tap the tick mark button to continue.

To give a name to your broadcast list, simply open list info section, tap pencil icon and type broadcast list name. From here, you can manage list by adding more recipients, deleting and renaming it anytime.
Now when you will send a message to the broadcast list, WhatsApp will automatically send it to all recipients in the list. Note that, only those people will receive your messages who have saved your number in their address book.
  • The recipients will receive your messages in their individual chats. Unlike WhatsApp group, when someone will reply to your message, it won't be sent to other recipients in the broadcast list i.e., everything will be private between you and each recipient.

this is all you need to know about WhatsApp broadcast lists. Now go and try this great feature and let's know your personal reviews. If you have any questions in your mind, feel free to share them in the comment box

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