How to send pictures on airtel Facebook free mode (latest)

winnercoz September 09, 2017
Sometimes we run out of data and we are not with cash, and maybe you want to send an image to a friend which is very urgent. If that happens you don't need to worry, all you need to do is, do you have an airtel sim? Because with airtel you can log in to Facebook book and chat with friends and even share your pictures with the airtel Facebook free mode. This has been an old trick on Facebook messenger but it has not been revealed to the view of all.

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How To Send Pictures On Airtel

  • First on your airtel sim make sure you don't have any megabyte
  • secondly make sure you have the newly updated Facebook messenger app

    Get app here

  • then log in your Facebook messenger

  • NOTE:
    Hope you know that with airtel free mode you can't send pictures directly

  • Now click the Add to your day icon on the left top side of the app

  • It will open your camera to add image then click on the gallery icon on the left bottom side of the screen
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  • select pic to send

  • select friends to receive the image

  • Click the send button
  • It will now be send to all the you select from the list how do you see this trick Hope to hear you own opinion on the comment box Please if face any problems trying to do this please drop your complains on the comment box

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