Top 5 Internet of Things Trending in 2018

Okechukwu Solomon February 21, 2018
With every passing year, Internet of Things (IoT) is making its presence felt and is transforming the digital World. Many big businesses have already invested heavily in the IoT and this trend is not going to change anytime soon.

IoT will enable the emergence of new business models, improvement of productivity and also enhance the experience of the customers. Getting a better insight will enable a business to rope in more customers which will enable a business to grow further.

Below, I am going to showcase the top 5 Internet of Things trends in 2018.

1. Security: Connected devices have played a pivotal role in making our lives easier. However, one of the important aspects of these devices is the security that cannot be neglected on any front. All the companies that manufacture the devices, the operators, application developers and the enterprise businesses have their role to play in the security of all the aspects of a particular IoT ecosystem. In order to enable the complete potential of IoT, all the security challenges need to be addressed by taking a proactive approach for designing the different security features.

2. APIs: These are the application programming interfaces that act as a bridge for connecting the useful information and the data to the IoT. All the different and essential things are connected in a powerful network. All the IoT devices would be of no use without the APIs. These APIs play an important role in showcasing the data which is the reason behind the connection between the multiple devices. There is an interface which is provided by the APIs between the ‘Internet’ and the ‘Things’ that reveals a lot of possibilities which are previously unexposed. In the coming years, APIs will play a pivotal role in monetizing IoT.

3. Blockchain: Blockchain has an important role to play in the IoT by making the transactions even more seamless, enhancing the security. Also, it creates efficiencies in the supply chain by reducing the costs, building trust, and accelerating the transactions. Blockchain for IoT can also transform the way in which the business transactions are conducted on a global platform in a trustworthy environment. This automates and encodes all the business transactions. The security and privacy of all the parties are preserved in the transaction.

4. Cognitive Computing: In the past connecting the different things has been possible with the help of unique IP addresses. But now with the commoditization of processors, sensors and the memory has made it possible to not only connect the everyday things but also make them intelligent. With cognitive computing, the amount of data has been increased. This has enabled the sensors to adapt to their environment and diagnose without facing the need for human intervention. One great advantage of the cognitive IoT is the combination of the multiple data streams that can identify the patterns which would give a lot more context which was otherwise available.

5. Platforms: The IoT platforms were the center of attraction in the year 2016, as the majority of the IoT players came forward in one form or the other. These platforms have the right elements which can play a major role in providing value by linking the IoT endpoints with the applications and the analytics which are needed to generate the business outcomes. The function of the IoT platform is to collect the data, connect devices, handle the vendors and the ability to scale the different devices that send billions of messages. In order to deliver value, security, privacy, cognitive computing and the insights must be added.

In The End:

All the five things which are mentioned in this article are among the top IoT trends in 2018. All these trends are going to play a crucial role in 2017 and also the coming years. There are a number of developments that might not be the part of discussions. But more than likely in the coming years these developments are definitely going to emerge. The rate at which IoT is evolving we can expect new developments coming up literally every moment.

I would love to have your views about the latest trends or the developments that we might expect of Internet of Things in the current as well as the coming years.

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David Blakey is a blogger by profession with 5 years of experience. He is associated with a Hot Toner, selling hp 5520 ink online in Australia. He is an admirer of sharing his innovative ideas with others on the technology trends.

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