Top 5 Mobile Applications For Training: Running, Walking, Cycling, Skating

Unknown September 14, 2017
Whether you are trying to lose weight or just want to stay healthy and fit, your smartphone can be a useful tool - but only if you have the right application. Of the hundreds of options offered, we selected some of the best mobile applications for running, walking and cycling.

Runtastic Pro - Detailed Training Report

The Runtastic Pro application is one of the best applications for tracking detailed distance-training data: running, jogging, cycling, skating and cross-country skiing. If you look at the map of the route during a workout, you can see statistics such as your mileage, distance traveled and direction. The card even uses colors to indicate changes in training, such as: inclined surfaces and changes in pace. The compass application will help you navigate, or you can choose the ready routes on and synchronize them with your phone. After determining the route, the application will then get you a detailed report of your workout, which you can save, and also provide you with graphs that visually show you your workouts.

RunKeeper - Your Success In Numbers

Although the RunKeeper application is used to track running, walking, cycling, hiking and much more, its real benefit is strength training. As one of the most popular fitness apps on the App Store, RunTastic tracks your workout statistics and allows you to view your progress for an extended period. In the Training tab, you can choose the training plan that suits your goals, and also use the voice trainer. This function is especially useful for long distance runners. Training tab will track your progress against your goals and provide you with the data in the form of graphs.

Reebok Fitness - Minimum Settings, Maximum Result

For those who are looking for a fitness application that does not require a lot of settings, Reebok Fitness is just what you need. By opening the application, it will prompt you to select categories of interest, such as running, walking, yoga, weight training, or dancing. Based on this information, the application will make an individual training program. Through Reebok Fitness you can create a schedule, and the application will remind you of upcoming workouts and track your achievements. The application also provides access to videos and practical recommendations from fitness experts.

Nike + Running - Effective Intensive Workouts

If you want to train intensively, the mobile application Nike + Running will help you with this. With the Nike + Running application, you can immediately begin to get busy and productive fitness training. Like other mobile fitness applications, Nike + Running uses your iPhone's GPS, as well as an accelerometer to record the distance traveled, the pace and time of your workout. The application provides reverse audio communication: the voice in the application announces the pace and time of your run on each kilometer traveled. This gives you the opportunity to focus on your goal - the function is especially useful for those who are used to training on a competitive basis. A distinctive feature of this application is that it promotes virtual communication with your friends in fitness communities. The application allows you to mark friends with whom you train or compete virtually, as well as share route maps. One of the most useful features of the Nike + Running application is the Challenges feature. With this function, users can create tasks, set targets and determine distances. You can challenge friends and invite them to compete for medals. Strong competition will force you to train harder and achieve better results in fitness and sports. You can challenge friends and invite them to compete for medals. Strong competition will force you to train harder and achieve better results in fitness and sports. You can challenge your friends and invite them to compete for medals. Strong competition will force you to train harder and achieve better results in fitness and sports.

TempoRun - Training In Time With Music

Do you like to train in time with the music? The mobile application TempoRun will help you with this! TempoRun classifies your favorite music according to the pace of the workout so that you can keep a steady rhythm of fitness training during exercises and while jogging. You can program your favorite songs in your own playlists, and, using the mobile application, you can use TempoRadio, which works on SoundCloud. Here you can discover new songs and music tracks that will help you train in time with the music and provide a good mood while jogging. This application is great for those who want to maintain a steady pace of running at great distances, as well as for those who want to shorten the time to overcome the distance.

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