How to Have a Professional Facebook Profile 2019

Okechukwu Solomon December 01, 2018
How to have a professional Facebook profile? So you have decided to give your Facebook a professional look. Making a professional Facebook profile is very important and will make you different among others.

Facebook usually Block accounts that doesn't look professional whenever they are found guilty of any suspicious activity. So most of Facebook accounts created for spam purposes doesn't look professional. They may have only one picture on their timeline.
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Let's go and give your Facebook profile a professional look!

How to Write a Professional Facebook Profile

1. Add profile picture and cover photo: The first thing people look for when they visit your Facebook profile is your profile picture and cover photo. So this is something which is very important. You've to choose the right professional photo. I prefer my Cartoon work, just like in the picture below.

Some people also upload their favorite celebrity, car, bike or other useless things on Facebook. This leaves very bad impression. As this is your personal profile, you should use your real picture only, in which you look awesome and it's clear.

If your pictures are not too clear enough, meet your friends that has a smartphone with upto 8mega pixels or you can read my previous article of How to Cartoon Your Picture With Android. You can also write quotes inside picture or in caption with credit.

2. Fill about & intro section completely: Facebook provided an about and intro section where you can add all your personal details like the work place, where you're working or worked earlier and the school you've attended. Unlike in case of Twitter, Facebook about section is more advanced and customized.

To edit it, first go to your profile and click About link. From the following page, you can edit everything about you like your work, education, professional skills, places, contact info (such as mobile number, email and websites), basic info (such as gender, language, religious and political view), other names, relationship status, family members, bio and favorite quotes.

Make sure that each single detail is filled and accurate. You can also link to your website and other social accounts from the same page. Another important thing is favorite quotes. Here you can add any type of quotes like motivational, inspirational, funny, love or something different.

You can find them from Google and add 4-5 quotes in your favorite quotes list. Don't forget to give credits, if possible. These little things leave good impression when someone visits your profile and thus make it more professional.

Facebook has also introduced a new feature named as Featured photos which allows you to select up to 5 pictures that you want to show on your timeline. These photos will appear below the intro section and it's a great way to give a professional touch to your profile. Here's is the preview of a featured photos.

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3. Change timeline and tagging settings By default, if someone will tag you or directly post on your timeline, it will be visible to everyone. Although it's a great feature but some people might have tagged you in each single post which is weird and annoying. If you want to look more professional, you've to remove all such posts from your timeline.

You can change your timeline and tagging settings to change the audience of tagged posts or enable review tag feature to review posts before they appear on your timeline. If to want to do this, read our previous article of how to Stop People from Posting on your Facebook Timeline.

4. Clean up your Facebook timeline: You might have posted hundreds of status, photos and videos on Facebook. I suggest you should delete your status that has low likes and comments.

I am not saying you should delete your old photos and videos. Those are your sweet memories. But you can delete other things like unknown picture (such as wallpaper) or useless links that you've shared earlier. Apart from this, you can remove all your friends posts and tags manually.

6. Post Regularly: If you look at the Facebook pages of celebrity, you'll find that they post regularly to be in touch with their followers. You should also do the same thing. People are waiting to listen from you.

There are number of things you can post on your Facebook profile. For example, you can post your own pictures, motivation content, tell what's going on, trending topics and much more. Make sure that you're posting regularly and connecting with your followers.

7. Get custom username: Facebook allow users to create custom username. By default, Facebook will automatically assign you a randomly generated username having awkward numbers in it.

However, you can change it anytime with your own choice custom username. If you want do this go to you account settings (in desktop version) and click edit link next to the Username option. Now type the username and password and click Save changes button.

This username will also appear in your profile link as shown in above picture. With custom username, your profile will look more professional and you can easily share the link with anyone. Note that, you can only change your Facebook username once, so choose wisely.
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8. Don't share other's post: Many people use to share other people's post on their timeline. If you're one of them, please stop doing this. Keep your personal feelings away from your Facebook profile as much as you can.

Sharing each single thing you like isn't good. You should share important posts only which can be helpful to your friends or followers and do that occasionally. Instead of this, create your own original content.

That's all you need to know on how to make a create a professional Facebook profile. By following these simple tips, you can easily give a professional touch to your Facebook profile.

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