How to Review Tagged Posts on Facebook 2018

Okechukwu Solomon October 03, 2017
One of the most popular Facebook feature is tagging. Your friends can tag you in any photo and post things on your timeline.

Well it's a great feature but some people are misusing it just to get more likes on their posts. They may tag you in every single status and photos.

If you're tagged in a post, you'll receive all of its notifications when someone will like, share and comments on it.
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It's really annoying to get those Unknown Notifications in your personal account.

Apart from this, tagged posts will also appear on your timeline and anyone (according to your privacy settings) can view them.

Well If you want to a give more professional look to your Facebook profile, you've to remove all those tagged posts from your timeline.

It is very hard to remove them one by one. But now you can enable timeline review feature to manually approve posts you're tagged in before they appear on your timeline.

How to enable Facebook timeline review feature

If you enable this feature, you'll get a notification in your activity log any time someone tagged you in a new post, asking whether you want to add it on your timeline or not.

If the post is really good or you're actually there in the picture, you can approve the request. On the other hand, if the tagged post is useless, you can hide it.
  • First, login to your Facebook account and click the drop-down arrow icon at the top-right corner of the screen (same button from where you logout the account. 
  • Now click "Settings" option from the menu lilist. 
  • Then move to the "Timeline and tagging" tab from the left sidebar menu.
  • Under "Who can add things to my timeline?" section, click the edit link next to "Review posts friends tag you in before they appear on your timeline" option.
  • Finally change the "Disabled" option to "Enabled" and that's it.
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How to Approve or Hide Tagged Posts on Facebook

  • Whenever you want to review your tagged posts, simply go to your profile and click "Activity log" button in front of your cover photo. (see below picture)
  • From the left sidebar menu (or filters), select "Timeline review" option.
  • Here you'll find all the posts you're tagged in. You have to review and approve each single post manually. Simply click "Add to timeline" button for the post that you want to approve.
NOTE:if you hide any post, it may appear in other places on Facebook like in search, news feed or on your friends timeline. If you want to remove yourself from the post, simply open it in new browser tab and then click drop-down arrow icon as shown in below picture. From the drop-down menu, tap "remove tag" option and that's it.

How to Change the audience of tagged posts

By default, tagged posts on your timeline will be visible to everyone i.e. anyone visiting to your profile can see which posts you're tagged in. However, you can change its audience to friends, friends of friend, only me, custom and limit it to a particular Facebook lists.

If you want to change this, go to the Timeline and Tagging settings page. Under "Who can see things on my timeline?" section, click the edit link next to "Who can see posts you've been tagged in on your timeline?" option. Now change the audience.

As this is your personal profile, so I recommend using "Only me" or "Friends" audience. Your timeline should be clean and organized in order to look more professional. To review what other people see on your profile, click "View as" option on the same page.
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In this way, you can easily manage and review all tagged posts on your Facebook timeline before they appear. So tell me what you think about this Feature.

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