How to Cancel or Stop MTN Data Plan Auto Renewal

winnercoz June 25, 2018
As we all know that Data Plans auto-renewal feature allows you to automatically re-subscribe for a current data plan without having to resend the same USSD or SMS when you want to Subscribe for the same data plan again in future.

All you have to do is to Recharge the Exact Subscription Amount and your data plan will be automatically Renewed. But the worst user Experience of this Auto-Renewal Feature, is when the subscriber doesn't remember that hid/her data Auto-Renewal is Enabled or have probably forgotten the code to stop or cancel the auto-renewal.
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How to Cancel, Deactivate or Stop Data Plans Auto-Renewal on MTN Network

MTN Data Plan auto-renewal happens on any of their data plans. It has two methods of deactivating the auto-renewal: by using the data plan USSD code or general auto-renewal deactivating code.
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If you want to deactivate, stop or cancel data plan auto-renewal on MTN, kindly go to your Message and send STOPDATA to 131 which is the general method.

Another way to deactivate a particular data plan on MTN is by sending NO+code to 131 e.g NO103 to 131 as a text message. The "103" is the code used in activating the data plan.

So, one out of the two methods must surely work and you will be totally free from the unnecessary deduction of your credit for re-subscribing a future data plan.

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