How To Download Netflix movies to SD Cards in your Android Phones 2018

Okechukwu Solomon January 06, 2018

Netflix, the world's largest movie-streaming platform has been actively involved in ways of improving services and enhancing customer experiences. The Netflix mobile application has seen tremendous improvements aimed at optimizing its efficiency.

download Netflix movies to the SD cards in your android phones

The Netflix app for Android recently scored a major when the company announced its decision to allow users on the Android platform save Netflix movies and TV shows for offline streaming. Though the ability to save to SD cards was not anticipated in the initial pan, users' unending demands for ways to free up storage space on their phones and make use of their external storage, brought about the possibility.

To make use of this feature, you need the latest version of the Netflix application for Android installed on your phone, after that, go to setting on your phone and change download location to SD cards. With this, all your downloads, including those from Netflix, will be stored on your SD card, leaving you with enough internal storage space for essential things.

This feature is only available to Android phone users. iPhone users do not have this feature available to them for reason unconnected with Apples strong policy on copyrighted materials. Whether or not the feature will be available to Windows phone users is a matter to be seen in the coming days.

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