MTN Caller Tune Code: How To Stop MTN Caller Tune

Winnercoz December 07, 2018 EDITEdit
It always annoying when you money was been deducted for a service you never asked for. Many people enjoyed mtn caller tunes while others is uncomfortable using Mtn caller tune and want to Deactivate, Disable Or Cancel MTN Caller Tune so that mtn will not be charging them monthly for what they don't deem necessary.

Most times, all we see in the adverts are the codes to Opt in, we don’t see the code to Opt Out, Below are the instruction on how to Opt Out of Ring Back Tunes or stop that annoying service that you are been rendered on your network.

How to Unsubscribe from MTN CallerTunez

If you want to deactivate caller tune on MTN, send “CANCEL” to 4100. You will then receive an SMS notifying you that you’ve successfully unsubscribed from MTN CallerTunez.

Some always send STOP to 4100 but the actual command is to send Cancel to 4100 and you will see the next message notifying you that you have been deactivated from MTN CALLER TUNE.

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