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winnercoz March 25, 2018
Hurray it is good to know that the Popularly known money donation hub is back and still working fine with more updated features that will trill you. the Ultimate recycler donation hub was reported to have crashed last year but it was last week that the company was announced still working with more interesting features. But the donations site has loading problems and it don't load some times and also open surprisely sometimes..

You are on this page because you want to know what Ultimate Cycler is all about. I will explain to you how it works in full depth before you join so you don’t get confused.
This is a system that can give you N50,000 within one week of joining. But before you get excited read below to understand what the Ultimate Cycler Networking system is all about.

What is Ultimate Cycler?

Most people say is another version of MMM, to an extent yes it is as it is an online networking system that pairs people together to help each other by donating just like mmm which is a system that builds a community of members to help each other out.

How Much Does Ultimate Cycler Pay?

Unlike MMM where you only get 30% of your initial payment in 30days and 10% of your referrers amount, Ultimate Cycler gives you 4 times the amount you put into it and in a shorter time frame as well. As I write the average waiting period to get paired and get paid is 7 days.

How Does Ultimate Cycler Work?

As explained above that Ultimate Cycler is an online community, you would need to REGISTER on UltimateCycler.com with just N12,500 and with this little amount you stand to earn N50,000 in one week which as I explained above is the average waiting period to get paid. Sometimes it could be a little longer than 7 days to get paid as you may be paired with new members that are yet to make payment but do note that they mandate new members to pay within 48hours of joining.

If a member does not pay withing 48hours that member might get kicked out of the system as UltimateCycler does not want non participating members. So only register when you have your N12,500 as registration will only be complete after you have paid N12,500.

After you have paid the N12,500 in 7 days time the system would pair you with 4 other members and mandate them to pay you N12,500 each which makes it N50,000. After you have been paid your N50,000 by the 4 people on UtimateCycler, the system moves you up to another lever which  I call Level 2.

In Level 2 you would have to pay in N25,000, which is just half the amount you made from the initial N50,000 you made on Level 1. The system pairs you with another user on the same Level 2.

And just as it was on Level 1, the Level 2 is not any different as after 7 days it pairs you with 4 people that would pay you N25,000 which make you earn a whooping N100,000.
I’m sure by now you must have gotten how it works as you move up to the next Level which is Level 3.

In Level 3 you would be paired and mandated to pay another user on the same level as you are with half of what you earned in Level 2. Half of that is N50,000 and after one week you also get paired with 4 people on your level which make you earn a total amount of N200,000.

By now i’m sure you get the drift as your level keeps increasing up until you get to Level 6 which is the highest where you earn N1,600,000

Find the Different  Levels on Ultimate Cycler Below

STAGE 1 – With N12,500 You earn N50,000
STAGE 2 – With N25,000 You earn N100,000
STAGE 3 – With N50,000 You earn N200,000
STAGE 4 – With N100,000 You earn N400,000
STAGE 5 – With N200,000 You earn N800,000
STAGE 6 – With N400,000 You earn N1,600,000
Level 6 is the highest and final Level, however getting to Level 6 does not mean you stop earning money from the system. From time to time Ultimate Cycler will pair you up again on the Level 6 with another member and you can keep earning your cool N1,600,000 steadily.
Now I know you must be asking if this is real, Yes it is.
As with most networking businesses, you stand a better chance to make money if you JOIN early and here is your opportunity
Join Now and Start Making Money

How To Register/Join Ultimate Cycler

To join this cool money making online community simple CLICK HERE to Join UltimateCycler.com
On the first registration page, you would need to provide the following details as displayed in the image below

  1. First name
  2. Last name
  3. Email Address
  4. Mobile Phone Number
  5. Contact Number (can be the same as your mobile number)
  6. Mobile Carrier (Select MTN Africa as your “Mobile Career.)
  7. Username
  8. Password
Finally you tick on the checkbox  (To agree to their TERMS AND CONDITIONS)
Click on the “Create my account & continue to step 2” button.
After clicking on the button a page pops up where you have to tick 3 boxes which simply summarizes their terms and conditions to participate.

Tick all the boxes and click on the “I AGREE” button to move to the last stage of registration.

On the Last registration page you would need to provide your address and country of residence.
Fill the details on that page which are:
  1. Street
  2. City
  3. State
  4. Zip/Postal Code (you can use 234 as your code)
  5. Country
  6. Mobile Phone Number
Scroll down to fill in your Banking Details  and ensure this is correct as this is what would be sent to other members to make payment to you.
You can fill in only your BANK NAME, ACCOUNT NUMBER and ACCOUNT NAME and delete all other options there.
Finally Click on the “FINISHED & SAVE Create my Account” Button.
After successfully registering, a thank you page is displayed with a message that says you should pay a member that has been matched with you with the payment details of that member.

After payment your account gets confirmed and you can login to account to see your dashboard and in 7 days time it gets to your turn to get paid as ultimate cycler mandates 4 other members to pay you.

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