How To increase Your Glo Internet Browsing Speed 2018

winnercoz April 03, 2018
This is a new research that was carried out by some group of intelligent personnel and finally discovered the cure to the glo poor connection speed problems.
In for the past decade glo has been suffering from lack of high browsing speed so with this research conducted so far you can enjoy fast browsing on your glo sim like never before.

This is the procedure and steps that can be needed for the configuration of this glo fast browsing problems. If you want to configure your glo sim FOLLOW THIS LINK

As long as the Glo network sign 📶 shows on your smartphone, the you can make use of this powerful APN setting to make your internet browsing speed fast. However, it works for only 4G/LTE supported devices, otherwise, use the default one or this setting.

New Glo APN Setting for Faster Network

Go to your phone Settings > Mobile Network > Access Point Names > tap “Glo Flat” in APN list > scroll down and hit “Bearer (Unspecified)” option > then tick these list of networks: LTE, HSPAP, HSPA, HSUPA, HSD PA).

Screenshot Guide

That's all guys! You've successfully configured the Glo APN and you should experience improved connection and faster speed whenever you turn your data on to browse and download. Kindly share and tell us how it went.

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