Latest Ntel Free Browsing Cheat 2019

winnercoz December 07, 2018
finally it out ¡¡¡¡
To all wazobiawappers it is out again for all Ntel subscribers, Ntel has been giving out free data cheat for all their customers including old and new. This cheat has been out for just few days now so it still working, because It is expected to be a January and February free browsing cheat for Ntel.

This is how all ntel users will be able to Activate the ntel 23GB for free offer. I'd say if you are using Ntel and have not heard about about the ntel 23GB or for free offer, then you need to see this article because it contains all the steps and procedures you need to Activate this offer.

How to Activate 23GB Free Data on Ntel Network April, May and June 2019 Cheat

  • Kindly walk-in to any NTEL shop around you to buy and register a sim card for #1000.
  • After successful registration, you will be given ₦1000 airtime and 1GB data to be used immediately use on the purchase of NTEL WAWU sim card.
  • An additional 10GB will be added upon registration of your sim card, making
    #1000 airtime given to you can also be used to subscribe to the 500% bonus on NTEL sims.
  • Buying 1GB data for #1000 will give you 12GB.
In summary, you will get 1GB + 10GB + 12GB – a total of 23GB of free data on a 4G network at your disposal.

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