3 Ways You Can Check Your Dstv Subscription Balance 2018

winnercoz May 06, 2018
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And Here Is Where You Will Be Thought On how you can your DSTV  subscription balance in three different ways that you can find easy wuthout stress.to be able to do that kindly read the procedures listed below:

How To Check DsTV Balance

To check your DsTV balance, there are few ways to check it. You could check at the website online, through SMS as well as through the DsTV app. To check via SMS, kindly follow the steps below;
  1. Navigate to your SMS menu on your phone to create one.
  2. Type “BAL”, leave a space and then type the DSTV smart card number which is 10 digits
  3. Forward the SMS to 30333
  4. You will get a response from DSTV.

How To Check DSTV Balance Via The App

To check DSTV balance via DSTV app, kindly follow the steps below;
  1. Launch the app on your device
  2. Sign in with the DSTV smart card and your mobile number.
  3. Navigate and click on “account” and your account balance will be displayed.
The app must have been set to Nigeria while setting up the app. This is very important.

How To Check DSTV Balance Via The DSTV Website

To check DSTV balance via the website, kindly follow the steps below;
  1. Log on to http://eazy.dstv.com
  2. Sign in with your DSTV smart card and phone number
  3. Navigate and click on “Account”
  4. Your DSTV balance will be displayed.

With the above information, you can check your DSTV balance through any of the methods that is convenient for you.

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