Night Plan Bundle For Ntel,Spectranet,Swift and Smile 2019

winnercoz December 07, 2018
Ntel 4G LTE,Swift 4G LTE,SMILE AND SPECTRANET came into the mobile telecommunication scene with expensive data tariff(s). It is an unlimited data plan, but these plans are way out of line for an average Nigerian to afford, it's definitely not among the cheapest data plans for average smartphone users but it's 4G unlimited data service is well worth it.

So for those that looking for how they be able to subscribe to the Ntel night browsing offer,  should check here because we will be disclosing all necessary codes needed to activate this.this offer is an offer that comes with a lot of night browsing offer that will amused you

                        Ntel Night Plans

Plan SIM Price Bundle PriceTime Validity  Days
Smartphone Data Lite Free₦ 500 10pm to 6am Daily      2
Smartphone Data Weekly Free  ₦ 1,50010pm to 6am Daily      7
Smartphone Data Monthly  Free₦ 500010pm to 6am Daily      30
The 5th day of ntel night plan of N1500, 51GB used so far,

How to Activate Ntel Unlimited Night Data Plan

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  •  To enjoy this offer, get the Ntel SIM for FREE 
  • If you already have the Ntel SIM, visit Ntel site by clicking here 
  • Input your Ntel Phone number 
  • Choose your preferred Ntel Night Plan 
  • Confirm and you will get the success text message
Enjoy your data from 10pm to 6pm. As stated above, the data can be rollover to the next day. If you have normal monthly data, it will be automatically suspended during those hours and your monthly data will not be touched while you download with the night plan.

Spectranet Night Plan

spectranet has it own night plan that has a high speed internet browsing ,this night plan is far different from the mtn,glo,airtel and the 9mobile method of night plan because this offer is emerged with heavy amount of money and data attached  to it as well.
These plans are usable from 7PM to 7AM and validity period is also 30 days. During weekends and public holidays, it can be used anytime (day and night)
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Night Plan NamePlan Cost Data VolumeAdditional BonusValidityAccessSpeed
Unified Nite Value 20GBN7,50020GBN/AMonthly7pm-7amUnlimited Burstable
Unified Value 25GBN10,00025GBFree Unlimited Night BrowsingMonthly24/7Unlimited Burstable
Unified Nite Value 40GBN11,000 40GBN/AMonthly7pm-7amUnlimited Burstable
Unified Value 40GBN12,50040GBFree Unlimited Night BrowsingMonthly24/7Unlimited Burstable
Unified Stay Connected 50GBN13,00050GBFree Unlimited Night BrowsingMonthly24/7Unlimited Burstable
Unified Value 55GBN20,00055GBFree Unlimited Night BrowsingMonthly24/7Unlimited Burstable
Unified Value 110GBN40,000110GBFree Unlimited Night BrowsingMonthly24/7Unlimited Burstable
Unified Value 200GBN70,000200GBFree Unlimited Night BrowsingMonthly24/7Unlimited Burstable
Unlimited Gold PlanN18,000NilN/AMonthly24/7Unlimited Burstable

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How To Activate Spectranet Night Plan To activate the spectranet night you need to have an account with the spectranet company in other to purchase their data bundle and subscribe for their night plan. so to complete this log on toSPECTRANET COMPANY HERE

Smile Home Night and Weekend Plans

Smile Home Night and Weekend BundlesValidity PeriodBundle Price in Out-of-Bundle Rate in 
5GB30 days4,000
800 per GB
10GB30 days7,500
750 per GB
20GB30 days14,000
700 per GB

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How To Activate Smile Night

There one thing about the smile company in the aspect of their data that you cant buy their data plan using ussd codes like MTN,GLO,AIRTEL AND 9MOBILE.
To activate the smile night plan offer kindly visitthe smile company official site ,where you can pay money and buy any thpe of data bundle you want.

Swift Night Data Plan 

Here is a complete note of the swift telecommunication company night plan,the amount that can purchase it and the amount of months that it is meant to last for.
with this little view of the swift night data plan, i can say that this offer is designed fo a company use and official use and not individual use.
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SWIFT NightN3,50030 Days7GB6PM-8AM, Daily

How To Activate Swift Night Plan

Like we told you earlier that swift is a small range company that has a telecommunication that help near by users to enjoy high rate of networkink on your phone or computer to activate the swift night plan you have to visit the SWIFT TELECOMMUNICATION COMPANY HERE

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