How to know if your Facebook account is Hacked or Not

Okechukwu Solomon June 25, 2018 EDITEdit
Well, the fact remains that there are a lot of people looking to hack Facebook accounts and if you think your account is hacked, you might be right but there is no need to panic. We are here to guide you through the whole process of identifying if your account is hacked and then recovering it, and then make sure to tighten up its security.

How to Identify if your Facebook account is hacked or not

If you think that someone is trying to snoop on your Facebook account while staying low, you can try the following ways to identify if your account is hacked or not.

Take action on Facebook warning when you see any
If Facebook finds any suspicious activity or login to your account, it will send you a notification telling you to secure your account. Don’t overlook this and immediately take action by following the below mentioned two ways:

Suspicious Activity
The person who has hacked your account is most probably using it for some purpose, like spamming your friends or posting ads everywhere. If you find any activity that you didn’t perform, then there is a good chance your account is hacked. The best way to see all your activities is to click on the “drop-down” button on the top right corner of the Facebook page and then click on “ Activity Log” from the menu.

This will open a page where you will see all your recent activity. If you find any activity that you don’t remember doing, then your account is hacked. Check out the the next tip to further confirm this.

Check Login Sessions
Facebook keeps a complete log of all your account sessions from any device. You can check these sessions to see if your account is being logged in from a device that you don’t recognize or place you did not visit.

To access login sessions, click on the “drop-down button” again and select “Settings” from the menu.

Then, head over to the “Security” settings, where you should see different options to secure your account. Here, click on “Edit” next to the “Where You’re Logged In” option.

You should see your current session and all your previous sessions from different devices. You can see location of the device (based on IP address) and device operating system and browser. Here, make sure to check if there’s any session that you don’t identify. If you find any, immediately click on “End Activity” next to it and follow the instructions that we have mentioned below to change password and secure your account.

So, by doing the above mentioned steps, you will be able to know if your Facebook account is Hacked or not

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