Facebook Page URL 2019 : How You Can Change Your Facebook Page URL 2019

winnercoz November 30, 2018
Do you want to change your Facebook Page name or username URL? If Yes, then here I’ll show how you can change it with easy steps. When we create a Facebook fan page that represents our business, And sometimes when we change business name or Brand name, then Facebook Fan page remains same with the old Brand name. And when we share the new content on the old brand page, It confuses your Facebook page audience.

Therefore, many of us think to create a new page and do a fresh start. And if your page has millions of subscribers then it is not a good move because you’ll lose all the followers. But don’t worry, Facebook offers Facebook Page name and username changing request. So here I’m going to share Facebook fan page name and username-URL changing process and few tips with that you can quickly change your desired brand name.

How To Change Facebook Page URL / Username

  1.  Open your Facebook Page from your account
  2. Click on “About” tab under your Page Profile Picture at you left
  3.  Then click on “Edit“, behind the “Username” field
  4. Clicking the “Edit” will open a mini window with a link to Change your Username which will be the URL, so that “facebook.com/username” will be your new Facebook URL. Pick a username and click on “Create Username”

Rules For Customizing Facebook Username:

  • You can not choose a username being use by someone.
  • Usernames will contain only alphanumeric characters, which are A-Z, 0-9 and period designated as “.“
  • Periods (“.”) and capitalization do not count as part of the username, for instance, paultom24, paul.tom24 and paul.tom.24 are all seen to be the same username.
  • Usernames must contain a minimum of 5 characters.
  • Usernames mustn’t contain a generic terms or extensions  (i.e.  .com .net .org).
  • Usernames can only be edited or changed by the page admin.

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