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winnercoz November 29, 2018
Hello welcome to today's review as we will be discussing a very big issue in nigeria as we all fall victim in daily basics
people always ask me where and how they can sell their Itune gift card. Trust is a very difficult thing to find in nigeria these days so many people don't want to be victim of lost of gift card based on the fact that i gave my card to a specific company and they disappointed me by not sending me my money. so with this this article we will name all the trusted companies where you can sell your ITune gift card that no bad stories will be told at the end of the business.

before we start our listing let take a look at what ITUNE gift card is, what it can be used for and where we can eventually get van itune gift card.
from we got these person this similiar question.

Question: What is an iTunes gift card, what is it used for? – Marlene P. from Jacksonville, Texas
Answer: Apple designed the electronic iTunes gift card as a way to buy music from its music store called the iTunes Store. You can play these purchased songs on your computer by downloading the iTunes software or you can listen to them on a mobile device. A long time ago, the only iOS device that could run music was the iPod. Later on, the iPhone and iPad were created, giving users other device options to listen to the songs they purchased.

How to Use an iTunes Gift Card

You need an iTunes gift card if you want to gift music to someone, including yourself, without using a credit card. All you need to do is to make sure you have enough credit in your iTunes account.
You can learn how to buy the gift card here, then give it to your friends and family. To redeem the iTunes gift card, you need to have the gift code. This iTunes code is on the back of the card. They are a unique 16-character sequence of numbers and letters. Note, though, these gift card codes may be someplace else when they are for promotional content.
You or the recipient can use the card’s value in their iTunes account to purchase music using their new credit.

PLACES WHERE YOU CAN SELL  ITUNE GIFT CARD ONLINE IN NIGERIA                                                              2019

According to research expects from they give good answer to this section 
Well, you’re in luck. We know the best exchange to trade your iTunes card (or any other gift card) for Naira, and we’re willing to share the knowledge with you. However, before we disclose anything, let’s talk the characteristics expected of a top platform to exchange iTunes card in Nigeria. A good platform is expected to; Be trustworthy Offer a great rate Easy to use Respond promptly And offer a flexible payment option Now that you know all these traits, there is an important question you’re dying to ask. Is there any platform in Nigeria that fits into this category? Yes, Cardtonic. Let’s delve a little deeper, shall we?

 What is Cardtonic? 

Cardtonic is an online platform that allows users to exchange their iTunes card for Naira. But this platform is not limited to one gift card, you can also sell your Amazon card, Steam, GooglePlay, Walmart and other major gift cards. As direct loaders of gift cards, you’ll be bypassing the middleman. That means you’ll be selling at an incredible rate. Furthermore, you’ll be getting the most flexible transaction. 

Types of iTunes Cards Accepted on Cardtonic

Outlined below are the types of gift cards accepted on Cardtonic; Denomination You’ll be able to sell different denomination of iTunes card on this platform. Whether it’s a $20 or $200, you can easily exchange it for Naira on Cardtonic. Currency Cardtonic accepts iTunes card of all major currencies. That’s right. We’re talking about USD, AUD, GBP, CAD, and EUR. Did we mention, you would be selling at a great rate? Card Form Now, there are platforms that don’t accept electronic cards, while others don’t accept gift cards in physical form. This is not the case with Cardtonic. As long as you can send a valid card, you’ll get paid. If it’s in electronic form, type it. Or in physical form, snap it. Just make sure you send it.

Card Type 

Aside from selling iTunes gift card for Naira, there are other cards that can be traded on this platform as well. These include;

  1.  Google Play Gift Cards 
  2. Amazon Gift Cards
  3. Walmart Gift Cards 
  4. Steam Wallet Gift Cards 
  5. Target Gift Card 

You are getting convinced now and considering selling that iTunes card on Cardtonic. There is just one other question; Why is Cardtonic the Top Platform to Exchange iTunes card for Naira? 
Cardtonic offers the simple service of unlocking the value held by your iTunes card. The reasons to use this platform is outlined below. 

Guaranteed Payment Exchanging

 your iTunes card for Naira is what you want, that is exactly what you’ll be getting on Cardtonic. Yes, there are trust issues with most platforms that offer this exact service. However, loads of testimonies from other users should help convince you. Easy and Secure Transaction No platform offers an easier method of exchanging your gift card for Naira than Cardtonic. This is not surprising, considering the fact that you can trade for Naira or Bitcoin. And if you want to exchange one gift card for another, Cardtonic has you covered.


Now i know you are now convinced that you can trust your business with cardtonic because they have been the most outstanding gift card exchanging company in nigeria as they they won the trust of so many customer that have successfully sold their gift card and recieve their payment.

The gift cards from iTunes store can be sold in some special places; they are mostly bought by the companies who earn money from gift card supply. These business institutions would gladly accept your iTunes card and trade it for Nigerian naira, Bitcoins, and some other currencies. If you would like to sell your card, simply search on the Internet for the most reliable companies that would accept it and choose the one whose offer looks most appealing to you.

 Having an Apple ID is extremely important for anybody who wants to sell their card because this is the one and only way to prove that the iTunes card belongs to you. When you have the Apple ID, you can redeem gift cards and sell a lot of them at once. 

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