How To Save Money On Your Food And Pharmacy Shopping

Pharmacy and food are essentials for every individual. Therefore, they remain in high demand throughout the year irrespective of the weather and other dynamic factors. The type of food may change, but the demand for some food remains high at all times.

Similarly, when individuals are prescribed regular medication for issues like diabetes or hypertension, they need to buy it every month. Therefore, we have put forward tips and tricks to save money on your food and pharmacy shopping. Scroll down to know more.

Compare Prices

Comparing prices is the basics of shopping, right? So, it would help if you did the same while buying your medicine and food. Several stores like Brookshires Food Pharmacy offer products at comparatively lower prices than others in the area.

In addition, comparing prices will also help you save on your time and fuel. If you get the same quality food and the same drug at your nearby stores but at a lower price, then that’s a deal for you. You should go for that. Instead of following your store blindly, you should explore some new stores to find the best fit for yourself.

Use Coupons 

Coupons and flyers are the best deals that help you save big on your shopping expenses. For example, you can check Brookshire’s Food & Pharmacy Weekly Ads to find the best deals on various food products and medications.

In addition, many stores offer deals and discounts on the pharmacy only to selected customers who are regular customers and buyers for particular drugs. Therefore, the most effortless way to save money is to look for weekly flyers and ads.

Ask for Generic Drugs

It is suggested to talk to your physician about the high costs of the drugs prescribed to you. Then, request them to suggest a generic drug easily available at lower prices. For example, most drugs have a generic salt available; however, you will have to buy the costlier drug only for some medicine.  

Join Store Loyalty Program

Each store offers a customer loyalty program for their customers who are regular at their store. The buyers can join the program to take benefits offered to selected customers. Apart from the weekly flyers and ads, stores offer extra discounts to customers who join such programs.

In addition, some stores also offer a reward system wherein the customers get some reward points credits to their store account. The customers can use those points to reduce their bill the next time they shop. You cannot withdraw these points but always use them to reduce your bill.

Buy in Bulk

Some food items cost you less when you buy them in bulk. Similarly, if you stock your medication for 90 days, you will get them at lower prices. Therefore, it is better to list things that you can buy in bulk, such as cheese, packed food, and any item with a long expiry date. It takes a lot of work to segregate items like this, but when it reduces the burden on your pocket, the effort seems worth it always.


Food and medication are like a regular monthly expense in every household. Therefore, we all look for ways to cut down on our bills and save some bucks here and there. Apart from the pointers mentioned above, it is suggested to list all the necessary things to buy and stick to it in the stores. It is because we often tend to buy things from multipurpose stores that we might never need.

In addition, you should follow the storage instructions on each product to make them last longer. Finally, buy food in the required quantity. You should buy foods with an early expiry date in lesser quantities only. Buying extra will only help if the product has a long expiry date.