Tuesday, 21 February 2017

eSight 3: The Tech Glasses That Can Help Technically Blind People See

eSight 3 is a non-surgical electronic glasses that let people with vision loss to see.
The high-tech glasses is a visor-like headset that uses a high-speed and high-definition camera. It is wearable, handsfree and portable.

eSight 3

eSight 3 was experimented on Yvonne Felix who lost her sight at the age of 7 when she was hit by a car. To her amazement the high-tech glasses helped her see once again

“I can see everything, your eyes, that you’re smiling, the pattern on your blouse,”
“It was was beautiful. It’s the type of thing that just burns in your mind. I remember seeing my husband smiling and holding our [infant] son. I could see my husband hadn’t shaved and had a beard. But seeing him smile was what…and my son’s faces…I had never experienced that before.”

eSight is the only patented, assistive-device of its kind anywhere in the world. The glasses have been around since 2012 and subsequently going through upgrades.
They’re big, but overtime have been made to be lighter. The new one is now half the size and weight of the last one.

The glasses fit over the wearer’s prescription through a pair of elastic and  magnetic bands.
On the front is a 1080p camera that grabs a live video feed of everything in sight, sends it down to a processing unit and then sends back to a pair of OLED screens.

The person wearing the headset sees full color video images clearly, with no lag time, and can zoom in. He or she can also capture photos and video with the device.

This technology will go a long way in helping multi-millions of people with impaired vision; especially those whose jobs are threatened by their low vision. It basically replicates sight for technically blind people and those with low vision.

eSight 3 was birthed on advanced technology,  many years of research and development.

It has features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a speaker and a microphone along with a wired remote control that helps to hold the battery, reducing more weight from the headset.

eSight CEO Brian Mech explains further,

The quality of the vision it restores, and the way it does it, and the size and appearance is head and shoulders above anything we’ve done before,”
“What’s really unique about this device is that it lets Yvonne instantly auto-focus between short-range vision like reading a book or texting on a smartphone, to mid-range vision, seeing faces or watching TV, to long-range vision, such as looking down a hallway or outside a window.”
“My entire career has been spent engineering sight-enabling technologies, so I can say with some authority that eSight’s world-class lab is the largest and best engineering team, anywhere in the world, that specializes exclusively in developing medical devices that allow the legally blind to actually see and be mobile.”

 The eSight 3 headset costs $9,995, which is down from the $15,000 original cost.

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Landlord's Dog Attacks 5-Year-Old Girl In Ikorodu, Lagos

People need to be careful with dogs, especially those ones that show signs of dangerous attack, as it stands now this little girl will grow into a lady/woman with these scars or even worse.

The unfortunate incident and photo as shared online...

The cruelty of a nonchalant landlord led to disastrous injury to a 5 year old girl. In so much pain and hardship for her young age, it is hard to see all the pain she is going through, all because of the landlord's penchant for buying dogs. He has over 15 dogs in his house which have being mismanaged, underfed and caged for a very long time. Only for one of the dog to bust out and attack a young 5 years innocent girl, with so much scar that will live with the girl forever. 
The power of landlord makes him feel like he has overall right without taking his tenants into consideration. This man has over 15 dogs in his house even when complains have been made repeatedly by the tenants with no justifiable reasons given by him. 
The pain this child is currently feeling of every poison running through her vain. As can be seen from the images, this is not just a bite but a brutal attack by a dog. 
This story is made to create and alert the necessary agency that is responsible to handle such cases with immediate effect. The incident happen in Erunwen, Ikorodu Lagos as at 5:10 pm on Monday.

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The world is waiting to kill me – Guardiola

Manchester City manager, Pep Guardiola, has claimed the world is waiting to “kill” him and his team, if they fail to get a good result in Tuesday’s Champions League round-of-16 first-leg tie against Monaco.

Guardiola has never failed to reach the semi-final of the competition and has won it twice with Barcelona.

City’s last game ended goalless with Championship side Huddersfield Town on Saturday and they take on the free-scoring Ligue 1 side at the Etihad.

“All of Europe is going to watch us, to analyse us, to kill us if we don’t win, to say how good we are when we win and that experience is beautiful to me,” Guardiola said at his media conference.

“It is not easy to be here. I said many times, in the Champions League the recent history is quite good but Manchester City were not there for a long time. I want the players to enjoy this moment – because it’s beautiful.

“People can think, ‘OK, it’s Man City, it’s English football, the most prestigious football, the most media, the most advertising, and you have to be here.’ But a lot of clubs, big clubs, are not here. We have to see that we are lucky guys.

“I always played this competition this way, even at Barcelona and Bayern where they had more experience of the competition. I still thought ‘Wow.'”
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Why James Rodriguez is unhappy at Real Madrid - Wife

James Rodriguez’s wife, Daniela Ospina, has insisted there is no issue between her husband and Real Madrid manager, Zinedine Zidane, saying the player’s frustration at lack of game time is “personal”.

The Colombian midfielder has hardly been an automatic choice over the last 18 months at the Santiago Bernabeu and has been linked with a move away.

Daniela told W Radio Colombia that James was aware of the competition for places in the Madrid squad, although it still hurt to be left out.

“It is an internal issue, I believe it is bad that there is talk about his relationship with his coach,” she said.

“That sells papers, generates excitement, but all coaches must choose 11 players and that’s not easy with a squad like Real Madrid’s.

“James must keep working hard, battling and showing all the talent he has. For him it is not easy to be on the bench. He is very competitive and always wants to play. But it is more a personal frustration than something directed at the coach.”
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Man who drank insecticide over MMM crash finally dies

Adakole, the young man who drank insecticide over the crash of MMM is dead.

According to reports, Kole, as he’s fondly called, passed on Monday evening around Kubwa in Bwari Area Council of Abuja.

It was reported by Daily Post that the deceased, who was about to wed last December drank insecticide following the alleged crash of Ponzi scheme, Mavrodi Mondial Moneybox, famously known as MMM.

A family source, who would not want her name mentioned said Adakole passed away after suffering from stomach complications as a result of the poison he took last year.

“Yes, he died this evening. His body has been deposited at the mortuary as we speak,” the source hinted this reporter.

Asked if he was able to get his money back since the scheme has returned, the source said all his efforts to get the money back had been unfruitful.

“No, he was not paid. In fact, he threatened to arrest his guider before the stomach upset returned last week and we rushed him to the hospital where he finally died. I don’t even think MMM is back, if not Adakole would have been the first they would consider. We attempted to reach them to recover Adakole’s money but they kept telling us to provide help to get help; obviously, the scheme has crashed, ” he added.
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Father dumps daughter’s corpse inside canal in Lagos

A father of nine children, Adekunle Adewusi, on Tuesday appeared before an Ebute Meta Chief Magistrates’ Court for allegedly disposing his child’s remains inside a canal.

The Prosecutor, Sgt. Kehinde Omisakin, told the court that the 49-year-old father of No. 25, Folorunaho Kuku Str, Opebi, Ikeja committed the offences on February 7 at about 10. 00 p.m.

Omisakin said that the corpse of the four-year-old Rachel was found inside a canal close to the residence of the accused.

“The accused in his statement claimed that the deceased was pushed on a sharp object by her playmates and because the wound was not properly treated, it developed into a big issue.

“Instead of taking the child to the hospital, he decided to do a home remedy which eventually led to her death.

“And instead of depositing the remains at the mortuary, the accused dumped her body in a canal close to his residence.

“The deceased is the sixth child of the accused and has eight other siblings,” she said.

The offence contravened sections 165(a) (b) and 411 of the Criminal Law of Lagos state, 2015.

Adewusi who is standing trial on a two-count for misconduct with regards to a corpse and without lawful justification in disposing of a corpse pleaded not guilty.

The Magistrate, Mr A.T. Elias ordered the prosecutor to bring the other eight children of the accused and his wife so as to enable him to give his ruling on the adjourned date.

The magistrate also remanded the accused in police custody and adjourned the case till Feb. 27.
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I will be president of Nigeria very soon – Fayose

The Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose, has again declared that he would soon emerge the President of Nigeria.

The Chairman of the PDP Governors Forum also stated he believes that in the near future, he will take over the mantle to lead the nation as his future was tied to the presidency.

He made this known on Monday during a live interview on African Independent Television, AIT.

He said, “It is not by power. It is destiny. I did not believe it when I became Ekiti governor after eight years of leaving office.

“I will be the vice president of Nigeria, even the President very soon.”

Speaking further, the Governor criticized the embattled national chairman of the Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP, Ali Modu Sheriff.

He said, “He is a general without an army. If democracy is about people and party politics is about people, tell Senator Ali Modu Sheriff to bring out the people behind him.

“You will see all the senators at our own meetings, who are those behind Sheriff?

“When holding a press conference, they will use camera to control them like this, just about three of them,” Fayose added.

Recall that Fayose, while speaking at an Annual Media Get-Together, held at the Government House, Ado Ekiti on February 4, had declared that he will rule Nigeria as a president in future.

He noted that the revelation about becoming a future Nigerian leader was made known to him by God.
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What we know about imported ‘India Garri’ - Health Minister, Adewole

The Minister of Health, Professor Isaac Adewole has responded to the viral photo of one “TRS Gari” being sold at a Supermarket in Ikoyi.

In a post on the ministry’s Medium page, Adewole said that the Ministry got to work upon discovery of the photo.

Our actions and findings are outlined below: (Updates via @NafdacNigeria)
1. NAFDAC Officers visited the Supermarket in Ikoyi today

2. 26 packets of 500mg each of the products were seized for analysis

3. The product has no NAFDAC number

4. The product is said to be from Ghana but packaged in UK

5. The Management of the Supermarket have been invited for further discussion in our Lagos office
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I’ve trained with Messi, Neymar, Suarez and others at Barcelona – Ezekiel Bassey

Barcelona’s Nigerian forward, Ezekiel Bassey, has spoken about what life is with the Spanish club and says he has trained a couple of times with Lionel Messi and the rest of the first-team squad.

The former Akwa United star signed an initial six-month deal with Barca last month, with the possibility of signing for an additional two years.

Although he is yet to receive his work permit to play for the Catalan club’s B side, he has been training with the squad.

“Life and football are totally different at Barcelona. I’m working very hard to quickly adapt because it is different,” Bassey told npfl.ng on Monday.

“Already, there is that language barrier and all, so working hard is key to settling down very fast at the club. I have been welcomed and have been seen as a brother and a member of the Barcelona family since I joined them.

“Playing for Barcelona is a great privilege I’ll cherish for years to come. I’ll be playing soon, I’m actually back in the country to sort out issues regarding my work permit.

“I’ll resume immediately I’m done which should be in a few days. I can’t wait to play my first official game.

“It’s been a great start for me. I’ve had the privilege to train with some of the best players in world football.

”Yes, we’ve had a combined training of Team A and B, we do that twice a week. I’m already inspired and will work very hard to play with these very best players.”
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Azerbaijan President appoints wife as vice president

Azerbaijan's president, Ilham Aliyev, on Tuesday appointed his wife, Mehriban as the first vice president of the country.

Aliyev, created the VP position after a constitutional referendum in September; TIME reports. The vice president takes over the country's presidency if the president is unable to perform their duties, according to the constitution. It doesn't describe the first vice president's duties, but it's expected that they will include overseeing the Cabinet.
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Analysts fear Trump’s marriage may be troubled

Washington watchers have expressed concerns that the marriage of President Donald Trump to Melania may not be as strong as they may want the world to believe, and that it might actually be troubled.

In one instance, Melania was thought to have shuddered when her husband touched her, analysts say.

When rated against Trump’s immediate predecessor, Barack Obama and wife, Michele, observers feel that Trump and Melania duet appears increasingly awkward and distant from each other.

Body language specialist, Judi James, notes, “We’ve seen no signs of any easy-going public displays of affection from the Trumps so far; and even the more deliberate rituals like hand-holding and touching that we saw in the early days appear to be getting rarer as Donald storms into Alpha mode, using the kind of stand-alone poses and signals of a business tycoon keen to prove who is boss.”

Judi says part of the “disconnect” between the Trumps’ body language signals seems to be down to the lack of what are called “tie-signs.”

“These are small touches, glances and nods that an established couple will use as a silent but powerful form of communication when they are out in public or at social events,” she explains.

Equally worrying is the issue of trust: he seems unable to trust Melania’s judgment.

This was more manifest at the presidential election when Trump infamously peered into his wife’s voting booth as if to ensure that she voted for the right candidate — him.

And contrary to tradition, Melania was conspicuously absent on stage at his acceptance speech after he was declared winner. Their 10-year-old son, Barron, seemed to have represented his mother.

In the interim, Melania currently resides in New York City, ostensibly to take care of Barron while the school year lasts.

Her step daughter, Ivanka, sometimes sits in for her, even when it isn’t categorically stated as such.
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NECO releases Nov/Dec 2016 SSCE results

The National Examinations Council on Tuesday released the results of the 2016 November/December Senior School Certificate Examination.

The Registrar/Chief Executive of NECO, Prof. Charles Uwakwe, said at the council’s headquarters in Minna that the release of the results is coming exactly sixty days after the exams were conducted.

In the analysis for candidates’ general performance by States, Ogun state has the best result as 5,183 students obtained five credits and above in all subjects representing 91.13% while Zamfara state records the worst result with only 59 candidates obtaining 5 credits and above representing 25.65%.

According to Uwakwe “a total of 47,941 candidates registered, out of which 47,118 sat for the examinations, and the number of candidates with five credits including Mathematics and English Language put at 28,530 (60.55%)”.

A total number of 46,024 candidates sat for English language with 33,303 credit pass representing 72.34%, while out of the 45,574 that sat for Mathematics, a total 39,454 candidates got credit pass representing 86.54%.

While putting the number of candidates with malpractice cases at 7,699 representing16.3%, Abia state records the highest case with 953 candidates representing 12.37%, with Edo state as least state in malpractices recording only 8 case representing 0.10%. English has the highest case with 1,162 candidates involved.

Uwakwe advised candidates to access their results on NECO website www.mynecoexam.com, using their Examination Registration Number and scratch cards.
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I need urgent help, says Nigerian mechanic who lost ‘N240m worth of cars’ in South Africa

Simon Adeoye, a Nigerian automobile mechanic based in South Africa, on Tuesday said he lost N240.650m (R10m) worth of cars in the recent Xenophobic attack.

Speaking with NAN on telephone from Pretoria, South Africa, Adeoye said some of the cars belonged to South Africans, while others were being repaired for sale.

He explained that on the day of the incident, he got a call that his workshop had been set ablaze, and he rushed to the place to see what was left of the place.

“By the time I got there, 29 cars of different make, some Nigerian passports, documents of the workshop, money and other personal effects had been destroyed by fire,” he said.

“I was helpless and could not do anything… I appeal to the federal government to assist me get back to business. Officials of the Nigerian mission have visited the workshop to do an assessment and we are yet to hear from them.

“At the moment, I have lost everything I have. I need urgent help to re-start my business. This will also assist me pay my workers who have families to carter for.”

He appealed to the mission to provide replacement for the passports gutted by fire to enable affected Nigerians have documents.

Meanwhile, Mathapelo Peters, spokeswoman of South African, said at least 20 shops possibly belonging to immigrants, were looted in the country’s capital overnight.

Peters said the motive for the latest attacks were unknown, and no deaths had been reported.

“There are allegations that these shops belong to foreign nationals,” she said.

“It is alleged that the community members are saying that these shops were used for drug dealing but that is unconfirmed.

“We will only be able to start a formal investigation once the shop owners come forward.”

The Atteridgeville neighbourhood, where the looting took place, was calm on Tuesday as police cars drove through the streets.

An unemployed man in his mid-twenties, who declined to be named, said: “we are sick and tired of foreigners who are coming to sell drugs and kill our people, we can’t let the community go down like this.”

South Africa, with a population of about 50 million, is home to an estimated 5 million immigrants.

In 2008, at least 67 people were killed in anti-immigrant violence, with thousands of people fleeing to refugee camps.
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Drake Wishes Rihanna A Happy Birthday During His Concert

Drake didn't forget about Rihanna's 29th birthday.Though the former couple split up a few months ago, and he's since been linked to Jennifer Lopez, the rapper shouted out to his old flame during his concert in Dublin on Monday night.

A fan caught the video in which Drake begins;

"It's somebody's birthday today—somebody I have a lot of love for and a lot of respect for," he told the crowd as they started applauding and screaming with excitement. "So, instead of singing 'Happy birthday,' though, we just going to do this in Dublin. Instead of singing 'Happy Birthday,' we're going to set it off just like this..."
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Messi wants 3 Players Out of Barcelona Team Before Signing New Contract

Lionel Messi wants three players to leave Barcelona before he signs a new contract, the Daily Express reports.

The names in question are Jeremy Mathieu, Ander Gomes and Lucas Digne who Messi feels have not lived up to expectations this season, and would also reportedly like Luis Enrique to be replace at the end of the current campaign.

Digne signed from PSG in the summer but has toiled when picked over Jordi Alba. Messi is close friends with Alba and reckons manager Luis Enrique is wrong to trust him so often.

Andre Gomes is another Enrique signing that Barcelona’s No 10 wants gone.

The midfielder arrived with big expectations but, despite having Enrique’s backing, does not have the support of his team-mates.
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